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Guns, blood and manicures

On Friday we had our team building event for work. We went out to Melkbos to go paintballing. I was not really keen on participating since I remember having HUGE bruises from the last time we went. I decided to suck it up and play along though, since it isn’t something I would normally go out and do. I might even have a little fun. We were given a muffin and some juice on the bus on the way there. Once we had arrived and signed the indemnity forms we were divided into teams. Each team had to make their own potjie for lunch. We were given ingredients and spices and prepared our food. Then it was time for the first paintball game! The first two games I played I “died” pretty quickly. The first game I was shot in the leg, but the paintball bounced off me and didn’t burst, so I could continue playing. This shot left the biggest bruise, but it really isn’t that bad. The “kill shot” was delivered by my manager who shot me in the face! Of course I was wearing a mask, but that didn’t prevent the paint from going into my mouth (EWWWWWW!) and some of the paintball pieces stinging my lip. The next game the same guy that shot me previously grazed my arm, but since the paintball burst I was out. He got shot by one of my team mates not 10 seconds later, which really made me feel a lot better ๐Ÿ™‚ The last game we played ‘capture the flag’. One of my team mates and I managed to isolate two of the other team members behind a bunker. They couldn’t move. As soon as their heads popped up we would fire away and they would have to duck again.ย  Our team ended up winning and I didn’t get shot at all! I felt like I had contributed to the win by ensuring two of the opposing team members were ‘stuck’. The last game was a free-for-all where you could just shoot everyone willy nilly, nobody dies…you just shoot till you have no more bullets. I thought it safest to sit that one out. We got a lovely snack pack in a small cooler bag mid morning (that we get to keep) with biltong, nuts, droewors, mini burgers and a steak kebab. We had our potjies for lunch. All in all we had a good day and I managed to leave practically unscathed ๐Ÿ˜€


On Saturday morning I went to redeem my manicure and pedicure voucher at Dream Nails. Leebeesa joined me. I received the voucher from @W_Ann and @cc_monkey for my birthday in August. It was a lovely spoil. I had the manicure and pedicure done at the same time as we were expecting guests not long after I would be finished. At one point my hand and foot were being massaged at the simultaneously. If I had been sitting in a more comfortable chair I would have fallen asleep! Leebeesa (who only had a pedicure) had to help me fish things out of my handbag to make sure I didn’t smudge my beautifully applied nail polish. I chose a dark, bright pink for my hands and a lighter, dusty pink for my toes. We walked around a little after and I found a foil Nemo balloon for Babyice. He loved it! Nemo things are so hard to find and I was quite glad to find something for him. I returned home to find our hard work cleaning up the house had been destroyed again by Babyice. He had gotten hold of a newspaper and proceeded to tear and fling paper all over the place. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to clean up again before our guests arrived.


I had arranged a braai with @Verduane and his family. They arrived later than scheduled, but they’re totally forgiven since they have a 4 week old baby girl. When Babyice was 4 weeks old I wouldn’t even leave the house! @Verduane and I have been chatting for a while on Twitter, but I hadn’t spoken to his wife before. I was a little worried that we might not get along, or wouldn’t have much to talk about, but she is a super nice person. She was friendly and interactive which just put me at ease and we had a lovely time without any awkwardness. Ella is a gorgeous little bundle! She is still very tiny (she weighs a little less than Babyice did when he was born, since she was born a few weeks early),ย  but she is oh so cute! She slept most of the time while she was there, but I got to cuddle her for a little while after her mommy had changed her and fed her. It was so nice snuggling with a tiny baby again. Ella is very good. For some reason I don’t remember Babyice sleeping a lot when he was brand new. I’m not sure why, but the way I remember it you would swear he was awake for most of the day. I should read back on my blog posts! Other than the fact that @Verduane and his wife made me cry (only partially their fault ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) we had a really lovely time. While we were chatting we realized that @Verduane is a priest in our church! (a different congregation to mine). It turned out that we had a lot more in common than we realized and also knew a lot ofย  the same people. Everybody got along well, the food was good and Babyice was reasonably well behaved. It got so late that they had to get home and we forgot to eat dessert! We’ll definitely get together again sometime ๐Ÿ™‚


Sunday morning we miraculously managed to get to church on time, despite running horribly late. I marvel at the fact that we are awake at 06:15, but still struggle to make it to the 9:00 service. We need to clock watch more! After church my grandmother came over for lunch. It was nice having her over. Rudi made pork chops, mash, garlic bread and cauliflower with cheese sauce. My grandmother brought us a Malva pudding with custard for dessert. The house looked like a tornado had been set loose in it. I was too lazy to clean up. I had been sitting on the floor for about 2 and half hours trying to sync some things on my laptop and my back was really sore (old much?).


Around 17:30 I got a message from my landlady reminding me that a potential buyer was coming to view our place. I had CLEAN forgot about it! I shot up from the couch and started cleaning frantically. My grandmother even helped. She is really awesome. I tried to discourage her (she had been hankering to clean all day, she loves it!), because she has been forbidden to do housework by a doctor due to her issues with her back. She would have none of it though and continued to assist me. I was still busy washing the last pots when they arrived, but everything else had been tidied and it looked decent. I was worried that the potential buyers spent quite a lot of time there. They seemed very interested. We’re still looking for another place to live, but nothing we have found suits our needs. I have been finding myself wishing nobody buys the place, because we’d probably be forced to move into some tiny flat somewhere. All the places we’ve seen are so small. We chatted a bit to the landlady yesterday though and she said she is not in a huge hurry to sell. The potential buyer asked her if she would drop her price and she didn’t feel she wanted to since she wasn’t desperate to get rid of the place. So we’ll see how that turns out.


So Monday rolls on and I’m still tired because there is no rest for the wicked. Poor Rudi’s back is acting up again, so there is a lot he can’t help me with. I asked him to bath Babyice so I wouldn’t ruin my manicure, but he can’t bend down. I’ve resorted to bathing Babyice with my dishwashing gloves on!


I have the day off on Thursday and Friday. It is the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing on Thursday and my grandmother, aunt and I will be going out together for breakfast. Perhaps I’ll bake for him this year since I wasn’t able to do so for Jamie.

I wantz my own!


On the 8th of November, I finally officially became a blood donor. After trying to donate 3 times before and failing (for various reasons)…I finally did it!


Official Blood Donor ๐Ÿ™‚