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Guest Post from Pish.Posh.Polish!

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Hi everyone! I have a special post for you today! I have Karen from Pish.Posh.Polish over to do a guest post! I haven’t had a guest post on here in FOREVER and I’ve done one for her as well. So when you’re done reading here, you can check out my post for her too ūüôā


Hey y’all!

I’m Karen, author of Pish.Posh.Polish: All Polish, All The Time.¬†This is my first time guest posting on anyone’s blog and I am so nervous! Thank you, acidicice¬†for having me here, I hope that I can do this guest posting thing justice. ūüėÄ

acidicice¬†and I brainstormed about what we would do for our guest posts and settled on using the lead lighting technique. She had been wanting to try it and I hadn’t done it in quite some time so it was perfect for both of us! Here’s what I came up with:
Stamping and lead lighting over a white base
If you’ve never heard of lead lighting or tried it, basically its like coloring in a coloring book only you don’t have to worry about staying in the lines because you color over the lines you stamp. That’s my kind of coloring! Typically, you would start with a white base, stamp over it with a dark color, usually black, and then use jelly or super sheer polishes to “color in” your image. You can use a dotting tool or a small detail brush to apply the color. Let me show you the polishes and plate I used to create this look:
Left to right: QTica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, Orly White Tips, Shinespark Polish Markie, Dancing Dolphins, Max Splash, Ballerina Bunny, Seche Clear, KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Front: UberChic Beauty plate 1-02
I started with my QTica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator as my base coat. Once I had that on all of my nails, I went back with one coat of Orly White Tips as my base color. I didn’t worry about it being a perfectly even application – it was a little streaky as white tends to be with one coat but it doesn’t matter too much because it gets covered with the jellies.
Once my white base was dry (about 10 minutes), I used Funky Fingers Dark Knight as my stamping color. I love using this polish because its super cheap (3/$5 at¬†Five Below) and very opaque. This was an especially exciting mani for me because it was my first time using my UberChic Beauty¬†plates that I just purchased. I have heard so many good things about these plates and everything that I’ve read is true – these plates are BOMB. Here, let me show you a close up of the image I used from plate 1-02:
UberChic Beauty plate 1-02
Anywayyyyy, once my stamping had a chance to dry for a few minutes, I started in on my coloring. Using my detail brush, I started with the yellow – Markie by Shinespark Polish. Its already a jelly polish but I wanted this to be super sheer, so I used Seche Clear to thin it out even more. I applied it in a tiny half circle close to the side of my finger because I wanted this to look like a flower when I was finished. I repeated those same steps with each color: ¬†pink – Ballerina Bunny, purple – Max Splash, and blue – Dancing Dolphins until I reached the other side of my finger. When I’d finished, the colors each had very blunt lines between them and I wanted a gradient effect so I had to go back and mix some colors together and go over the lines. Once I was happy with the blending of the colors, I top coated with KBShimmer¬†Clearly On Top to seal everything in, help it dry, and make it super shiny.
Here’s a macro to show how it turned out. There was a little smearing of my stamped image because I went over that spot too hard with the brush. You have to be a little delicate so as to NOT smudge like I did:
Overall, I was very pleased with how this mani turned out, I haven’t ever done a full lead lighting mani. I am over the moon for these new plates! Here’s another look at the finished result:

Thank you so much for reading and another huge THANK YOU! to acidicice for having me. What do you think of this look? Have you ever tried the lead lighting technique?

If you’d like to check out more nail art, polish swatches, and reviews, you can find me on my¬†BLOG¬†or on¬†INSTAGRAM.


Wow! I don’t know about you guys, but I love this mani! Thanks so much for coming over to invade my blog for a day, Karen. I really love what you’ve done and I really hope you like what I’ve done for her too! You can head over to Karen’s blog to see my post. Just click here ūüôā