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Guest Post: Babyice and PrincessIce Mani

Today I have a real treat for you! I asked Ordinary Misfit to do a guest post for me. She was doing a guest posts for other nail bloggers and we collaborated with ideas for their manis. She wanted to make the manis personal.  Being as modest as she is, she wasn’t sure if the manis were “right”, so I said that they are very personal for each individual and that it would be equivalent of doing a mani representing my kids. Light bulb! So I asked her if she would like to do just that. A mani representing PrincessIce and Babyice for a guest post for my blog. She agreed!


Of course this now means I owe her a guest post. I am quite nervous to be doing a nail art post for someone of her caliber, but a deal is a deal.




Here is her post:



After acidicice gave me tons of help and advice on my guest posts for Siobhan

and Thea she asked if I would do one for her as well. What an honour!!

The subject matter was, the children, Babyice and PrincessIce. No pressure

right! I am not going to lie. It was HARD! Luckily I got tons of feedback and

information so I gave it a try. Maybe even a few tries 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani
Awww. Lookit Shrek!



I am going to start with the middle finger because that is where this ‘story’

starts. One thing that is very clear is how much acidicice loves her children. To

show that, I used two coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me White and stamped using

Essence – Fame Fatal and Pueen01. Tons of little hearts that shows all the love.

Next is my ring finger. This is representing babyice. I used two coats of Sinful

Colors – Ruby Ruby and with my dotting tool I made two pirate swords. (Well,

tried to) and then added some glitter. Babyice loves playing with his pirate

sword and ‘protecting his mommy and sister when daddy isn’t home’. He also

loves glitter and he does seem to like the colour red too.

Next up is my pinky. This is also representative of babyice. I used two coats

of Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine. I then used Tip Top – We Have an Agreen-mint

and my dotting tool to ‘draw’ Shrek. I also added some glitter using L A Colors

– Confetti. Shrek is Babyice’s movie of choice lately and of course, some more

glitter never does any harm 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani
PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Next up is my index finger. This represents princessice. I did an ombre using

Essence – Destination Sunshine and Essence – Absolutely Blue. This represents

her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I then used Revlon – Gold Rush and

Pueen05 to stamp the little princess crown on top. I then took some Tip Top –

Rocky Road Glitter with my dotting tool to put three little pieces as the ‘jewels’ of

the crown. She is a proper princess after all 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani
PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Onto the thumb! PrincessIce loves her bath time and to represent that I used two

coats of Tip Top – Melting Marshmallow. I then used Sinful Colors – Why Not

and Pueen12 to stamp the little rubber duck surrounded by bubbles. Of course,

I added some Tip Top – Rocky Road glitter for some sparkle. I also know it is

mommy’s favourite!


PrincessIce Thumb
PrincessIce Thumb


So there we have it. Thank you so much for having me and having such gorgeous

children to draw inspiration from. Ok ok I know you practically gave it to me on a

silver platter but your children are still gorgeous!



I absolutely adored this mani! Shrek is my favourite 🙂 I think she did a fanstastic job!