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Going back to work

I was dreading going back to work before…now I am dreading it even more. My boss has always been a problem. We’ve been working with him for about 3 years and it has barely been bearable. He is rude, critisizes and is an outright bully. We are always being told how worthless we are, how we have the mentality of someone in a lower position and how we don’t deserve the salaries we get paid. Actually, he is abusive.

He has been working there for almost 14 years now. How he has managed this I don’t know. He can’t get a promotion because his reputation pre cedes him. He has been reported to our manager (he is a supervisor) and to HR, but nothing seems to come of it. No matter how well we do, we’re always doing something wrong. He constantly threatens to burn us in performance reviews to negatively impact our raises/bonuses.

The day we were sitting in the doctor’s office hearing the final verdict about our baby (he knew where I was) he started calling me to crap on me about something. It wasn’t pressing, urgent or even due. I was sitting crying my heart out, losing my child and he was calling me about something insignificant (left me a voicemail crapping me out too). I hate him.

Now I haven’t been at work for almost six months and a colleague calls me to tell me that he has said that she can tell me that I am ‘a negative person and he doesn’t want me in his team’. WTF?! Well, guess what? I don’t want to be in your team.

I want to get out of Customer Care. I don’t want to deal with customers anymore and I also don’t want to deal with him anymore. There is nowhere for me to move within our department without having to deal with customers that are even more unhappy than those I am already dealing with. More pressure and more rude customers. In other words, crappier work. He supervises some of these teams too.

I do not want to stop working for our company. I love working for them. They treat their staff very well, I am very fairly compensated and I trust them. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, however, this is a very small problem for them in the big scheme of things. We are a big corporate and this unhappy team of eight people goes unnoticed and gets swept under the carpet by management.

I don’t know what I am going to do. What I do know is that my boss and I have a common goal, to get rid of each other. I’m going to ask him to help me get into a different division. Employment equity doesn’t count much in my favour, but I reckon I need to do something…and fast. I also currently work weekends, which will most likely not be compulsory in another department. I’m going to have little enough time with my son as it is. I’m seriously going to have to get my ass into gear to do this and it might take some time.

Don’t let me give up. I NEED to do this. I can’t take it anymore. I have come home in tears more than once because of this man. One of us has got to go. Anybody know someone who can make him disappear? I’ll take up a collection 😛