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Glitter Me This

This mani was inspired by a post Arkwife found on the Gems in a Bottle blog. You can view the post by clicking here. It was the glitter accent nail that caught Arkwife’s attention and inspired me to try something similar. The rest of the mani is completely unrelated, but I’m really excited about how it turned out.

I started off with a base coat of OPI Nail Envy to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of a blue polish that was gifted to me by @tatibble. She received it in a Rubybox, but doesn’t really use polish, so she passed it on. Yay! It is a beautiful blue with a nice shimmer in it. The polish doesn’t have a name or number. Once that was dry I stamped on all of my nails except the ring nails with essence wonderlicious green colour changing polish using the right hand image on my PUEEN 37 plate. On my ring nails I painted a generous amount of a regular (not fast drying) top coat and scattered loose glitter over my nail. I gently pressed it down onto my nail and used a fan brush to gently sweep away loose glitter. I then used an orange stick to push stray glitter out of my cuticles, sometimes onto the nail, otherwise away from the nail. I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. The glitter accent required two coats to smooth it out. The result:



Close up of the glitter accent:



Look how sparkly!



Although somehow the essence colour changing polish didn’t react properly to the top coat, I really like the way this mani turned out. Somehow only certain parts of the polish reacted to the top coat and the colour became patchy. It turned out okay regardless. I’m not usually a fan of blue polish, but my tastes are expanding and I really love this! The glitter accent was easier than I anticipated. I was going to manually place the glitter, thinking they were as big as glequins, but when I pulled them out I realized they were smaller than I had remembered and scattering them over wet top coat seemed a much more viable option and it worked really well! This was easier to use for me than the flocking powder I tried out during Easter. I am also quite chuffed at how the stamping turned out. Back in the stamping game with full force!

What do you think?


Edit: I did this mani on a Sunday and on Tuesday morning my entire glitter nail popped off in a sheet. Luckily someone had a polish close to it at work and I could save the situation. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if it was bound to happen. Anyone else experienced something like this?