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Ginkgo Spa Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about my experience with Ginkgo Spa at Steenberg in Tokai. At the CT Meetup my friend Taryn from Coffee Couture and I both won massages from Ginkgo Spa. It was towards the end of the giveaway section of the event and I thought I was probably not going to win something that day…until I did! I could not have been happier with my prize! Mama needs to get her relaxation on! There may have been squeals of excitement and I think that I may have done a little happy dance on my way up to collect my envelope.

Taryn and I set out for the long drive from the northern suburbs to Tokai where the Steenberg branch of Ginkgo Spa is situated on the Steenberg Wine Estate. Yes. It’s far. In true Capetonian style we even stopped for refreshments on the way there. Road trip! We were so very excited to finally be going to get our massage on! We were welcomed in the reception area and shown to the locker room. One of our therapists explained to us that we could change into our robes and slippers before we could go and fill out our questionnaire in the lounge area. The form included questions about our health, preferences and if there were any areas that the therapists could concentrate on.

Ginkgo Spa
Clockwise from top left: Reception area, Product Selection, fireplace, Lounge area

In the lounge area we were served chai tea in tiny little cups. I was also offered a glass of water as I mentioned that I have a headache. The therapist came in with a cream that she applied to my temples to try and help relieve my headache along with the water. I thought this was incredibly sweet of her. She listened to my needs and did what she could to help. I don’t like water generally, but this water was infused with lemon and it was delicious and refreshing. If water always tasted this good, I might actually drink it! The chai tea was milky and had a beautiful cinnamon flavour. On the one hand I was sorry the cup was so small, on the other hand I was grateful. Nobody wants to stop in the middle of a massage to go to the loo. It was my first taste of chai tea and I really liked it!

Ginkgo Spa
Clockwise from top left: Entrance, pre-massage excited faces, gorgeous locker room, embroidered towel

In no time at all we were led away into a treatment room. We were given the option of being alone or together for our massages and we opted to stay together. This means that couples massages are completely possible! I have wanted to have a couples massage before and it was really hard finding a place to accommodate my husband and I (admittedly I looked mostly in the northern suburbs). Our treatment room was right at the end of the passage and labeled ‘Jasmine’. This boded well as Jasmine is one of my favourite scents, although the rooms are not named for how they smell 😉

Ginkgo Spa Treatment Room
Top: Massage Table Bottom: Awesome bath in the treatment room

We were left alone to lay ourselves down on the treatment tables and cover ourselves with towels. The beds and room were nicely warmed up, so even though we were mostly naked and it is freezing in Cape Town, it didn’t bother me in the least. Our therapists came and introduced themselves. My therapist also asked me if I minded if she massaged my head. I had my hair in a tight bun and she removed the pins and elastics. I offered to help, but she declined. I am very sensitive on my head, at most hairdressers I brush my own hair to avoid tears, but my therapist was gentle and didn’t hurt me at all. Phew! Soon I was in massage heaven! I was massaged from the tips of my toes to the hair follicles on my head. Seriously. When we were changing into our robes I wondered aloud whether I should take out my earrings and decided against it, but even my earlobes got a rub! My therapist did not only use her hands, but also her forearms to massage me. Her hands were so nice and warm, it was exquisite! While we were being massaged we spoke about problem areas. I mentioned my neck and shoulder pain and Taryn mentioned the dry skin she had from the medication she is currently taking. The therapists were quiet and respectful. Taryn and I would chat at intervals, but at times we were just too relaxed to say anything. All too soon our massages were over. I was tucked into the blankets on the bed. I haven’t been tucked in since I was a child. It was SO nice to be tucked in again! What a spoil! I had completely forgotten what it feels like and pleasant childhood memories washed over me. I was rolled to the side from both sides to give my muscles a good stretch. My feet were washed with a nice hot wash cloth. This is amazing attention to detail, since I would have been slipping around in my shoes if my feet had just been slathered with cream and left that way. This is a common post pedi/massage problem! We were offered water and given the option to lay in the treatment room in our cocoons or to go and relax in the lounge area. We lay in the treatment room for a while and the ladies returned with more of that delicious lemon infused water and products recommended for the problems we had mentioned during treatment. Even though they were quiet, they were listening to our concerns about our bodies and hand picked products to suit our needs. Very awesome! I was tucked into my cocoon so well I had to get out of it like a sleeping bag! We slipped on our robes and toddled back off to the locker room to be reunited with our phones. There were a couple of fireplaces in the spa that warmed up the entire place. The fires not only kept us warm, but added to the relaxing atmosphere. We walked around the spa snapping pictures of everything before retiring to the lounge while deciding where we would go next.

Ginkgo Spa
Clockwise from top left: View when leaving the spa, post massage silliness, bubbles at the bistro, happy faces


We decided that we could NOT visit a wine farm without going to enjoy some of their wine, so we headed off to the Steenberg Bistro 1682. What a lovely restaurant! The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The staff friendly and helpful. If it had been a warm day I definitely think we would have sat outside by the water. We had some bubbles and shared a cheese platter before we had to trek back to reality. Surely such a wonderful, relaxing day called for a bubbly celebration!

We really had a wonderful time. We were treated like VIPs at the spa and really made to feel pampered and special. I’ve already spoken to Rudi about going back less than 24 hours after leaving! Now for the exciting part! Ginkgo has graciously sponsored an Elixir massage for one of you to enjoy! A full body 50 minute massage valued at R570! Who can pass that up?! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below to stand a chance to win this prize!

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Some T’s and C’s for the giveaway:

  • Ginkgo spas are located in Tokai, Sea Point and Arniston so you will need to be able to travel to one of these locations in order to claim your prize.
  • The voucher will be sent to the winner via e-mail.
  • All entries will be checked.
  • No giveaway accounts.
  • Leaving a comment on this post is the only mandatory entry

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