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And I’m back at work today after a nice 10 day work-free break. It was lovely to be off work, but man, leave flies by. I came back to work wanting to scan in my scan pictures for you, but our office scanner does a terrible job and the supervisor who has her own personal scanner in her office is on sick leave till the 17th.


The more I look at the scan pictures, the more I’m convinced it’s a boy. I simply don’t think it could be anything else. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that James was actually a girl. I guess I’m going to have to start referring to her as Jamie from now on. Rudi said the other day ‘And you would have gotten a tattoo’. Sjoe! Everything happens for a reason! I had other reasons for wanting ‘James’ tattoed…but now I don’t know whether or not I’ll have one that says ‘Jamie’. ‘James’ had a triple meaning for me…Jamie, only one. I have a while to think about it yet.


As for boy’s names. Rudi is digging his heels in about wanting to name our son Sebastian. I’m trying my best to change his mind, but he isn’t loving anything I come up with. Sebastian is such a long name and we already have a long, long surname. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we can find something we both agree on. I was in a baby shop the other day and spent about R7 000 in my head on BASIC stuff. Ok, R4 000 of that was for a cot…and another R2 500 for a pram…but still, we’re going to need those things! I wonder how many big ticket items we could get from family. Obviously My Evil Mother isn’t an option, but Rudi seems to think he can get his parents to buy a big one – like a pram or something. That would really help!


Although Friday was meant to be a happy day for us, I ended up frustrated and upset. Rudi went out to celebrate a bit with Lindor, which I didn’t mind. What I do mind is when he doesn’t come home when he says he will. If he doesn’t know when he’ll come home, then he shouldn’t give me a time. He ended up coming home much later than he told me and was tipsy and annoying. We eventually made up before bedtime as I simply can’t sleep when he’s not there or sleeping on the couch.


On Saturday I wanted him to stay home and spend some time with me (especially since I’m working this weekend) so I suggested we rent a Playstation for the day to play games. We could not find anywhere that rented the actual consoles and after reading the Cape Ads we decided to go and buy one. We bought a Playstation 2 with 2 games (Grand Tourismo 4 and Sonic Heroes). The rest of our weekend and Monday’s public holiday was consumed with gaming. Believe it or not it was the first time that I ever played anything on a Playstation. We were quite frustrated to find that we got quite stuck at the second level of Sonic Heroes. The cover says 3+ – surely if a 3 year old is supposed to be able to do it…two adults who are both almost 30 can?! We’re currently stuck at level 4.


On Monday we rented Tomb Raider Legend and Cricket ’07. Cricket was about as boring as watching cricket…but I whipped Rudi’s ass and that made it for me 🙂 I’ve also started beating him at random Grand Tourismo races. He’s usually the one that is very good at games and kicks my butt on a regular basis, it’s nice to have the upper hand. At least for now 🙂


I was quite upset that it doesn’t look like Sims 3 will be coming out for Playstation 2. I really wanted to get it. Both my laptop and desktop are too old to run the game and now that I have a Playstation I thought I would be able to get it. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with Sims 2 for now.


On Friday I got a lovely surprise in my e-mail. Thank you Angel, Knucklehead and Glugster for my birthday gift! I have ordered some things (including Sims 2 for PS2) with my voucher this morning and can’t wait to receive them!


I also received a blog award from Bobbi Janay. Thanks so much! As a Leo, I love me some recognition! I have to spread the love around…Since Angel and Exmi have both already received this award I’d like to pass it along to two more people:


Cath Jenkin and Harassed Mom!

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