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So my grandfather’s funeral was on Saturday. My grandfather planned his own funeral long before he reached the point where he would need it. He explicity said he did not want any casket in the church, chose the hymns he wanted the congregation/choir to sing and requested the bagpipes play Amazing Grace. My grandfather has conducted many a funeral service and watched the family completely break down when they saw the casket bearing their loved one. He was indeed a very wise man.

Just before the service started the bagpiper came to play Amazing Grace. The tears were flowing (mine). Knowing this was a special request from my grandfather and how much it meant to him plus the beautiful music stirred the emotions. The hymns my grandfather chose were chosen because of their lyrics and meaning, so each time the choir sang there were more tears. The service was beautiful, we even had a few laughs as they reflected on my grandfather’s life. I honestly think it would have been much more difficult on the family if there was a casket in the church. The fact that his body wasn’t there really there really made it much easier on us.

Some of my friends attended the funeral and that meant a lot to me. I know there were some who would have been there and couldn’t make it. Thank you to those that were there (Leebeesa, Milla and Peter) It was also the first time I got to introduce Babyice to my grandfather’s side of the family. They all cooed over him, making me very proud.

A huge thank you to @al_ice for the flowers she sent to my work on Friday. I was really touched by the gesture. Thank you also for all the messages of support via Twitter, Facebook, SMS and phone calls from my friends (you know who you are).

It’s all over now. My grandfather’s life and our final goodbye. It was a lot less painful than we anticipated and we thank God for the strength and courage he has granted us.

I still think about him every day. On Sunday morning I sat in the Wimpy and my thoughts suddenly drifted to him and how much I miss him and I burst into tears. Rudi stopped talking mid-sentence and wondered if he had said something wrong (despite the random topic we were discussing). I will always love him and miss him very much.

Thank you everyone for standing by me. I love you all x