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Fun Day and Faceplanting

Vodacom Fun Day 2014


Are we not a pretty picture? This photo was taken at our year end function which was held at Ratanga Junction. We all had loads of fun going on the rides and eating way too much ice cream. The day flew by in a blur and before we knew it, the park had closed and we had to leave. Elijah really enjoyed “The Vortex” ride which is similar to the spinning shells we used to have when I was a kid. Yes, eons ago 😉 Gabby didn’t get to go on many rides and the rides she did get to go on were quite boring. She was SO good the entire day. She was quiet in her stroller and really enjoyed being pushed around in it. She had two ice creams and some fish and chips for lunch. She got out of her stroller on occasion to wander around a little, but never fussed or gave us any grief. Elijah didn’t want to eat any food at all, he just wanted to play…although he did not turn down his 2 ice creams and candy floss. He had a small meltdown while having to wait about 15 minutes in line to ride on something. Otherwise everything was great. I think this is a really nice family photo, although Rudi hates it. He says this is the worse photo of him he has seen in a while. Poor sausage. I think we look great 🙂

After Ratanga Gabby’s stomach was upset for about a week. We went through LOADS of nappies the Sunday after the function and on the Wednesday she had a random vomit in (my) bed and all over the bathroom as we were about to go to sleep. On Thursday the day mother noted a lot of nappy output again, but after that she seemed fine. I’m not sure if it was from all the ice cream, or if there was something iffy about the fish (she was the only one who had the fish), or if she is teething, but she is all better now, so it wasn’t serious.

Also, I think my children don’t like their faces. Or at least, they like running more than they like their faces. In the last week my kids have both faceplanted leaving them with visible injuries. Elijah’s is worse than Gabby’s…but I guess that is because he runs faster. Gabby hurt herself while running up and down on a stretch of paving too fast and Elijah had a run in with a wooden pole at school. The results:



Gabby’s is already healing nicely. This photo was taken 2 days post faceplant. I just want to know if Elijah plans to ruin his entire face before he even starts taking school pictures? The scar from the deep wound he self inflicted when he was 17 months old is on the opposite side of his forehead. *sigh* Hopefully this one won’t leave a scar. Everyone is always telling me “Chicks dig scars!”. What crap is that? I don’t dig scars. Also, what if he likes boys? Do boys also like scars?

I really hate it when the kids get hurt. I always feel like I failed somehow, even though I realize that a lot of the time things are completely outside of my control. There was nothing I could have done about Elijah’s incident, I wasn’t even there. Gabby has fairly new legs, of course she wants to run everywhere! So I just bite back the mommy tears, kiss the boo boos and hug the injured. It is the best I can do save wrapping them in cotton wool.

Am I the only one that feels guilty when my children injure themselves?