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Fuggit (Evil Mother post)

I’ve had ENOUGH. Seriously. I’ve been ignoring her calls for a good two weeks, also her messages. Last night Rudi had opened one that she had sent. The exchange was as follows (I need to keep the caps, etc. as is):


HER: ignore the person who gave life to you – way to go with green corn on your field. god is not asleep. “WHAT YOU DO UNTO THE LEAST OF MINE YOU DO UNTO ME”



ME: Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Ignoring you is the best for my child right now. You are causing me stress and worry I can really do without.



HER: Worry – I don’t think so. Was Coke Head right about you hating me? I honestly never though you worried about me. Was I wrong?



ME: Coke Head is a dumbass. I can’t believe you listen to him. Yes, I worry about you, but I can’t help you. You just don’t seem to get the message.



HER: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I don’t think you realise that I merely needed your help for max 2 months. I know you need the room for MY grandchild.



ME: Like you needed [My aunt’s] help for 2 weeks [Ed: Her and her husband stayed there for over 18 months – for free] You do not get to lay claim to this child. Enough. You are getting me worked up again. Please stop contacting me.








I have decided that I need to ignore every single contact she makes with me, including deleting messages without reading them. I was in tears last night. I need to cut her out of my life completely. I also need to sit down and speak to my grandparents.


My grandfather likes to guilt trip me about her. He tries to get others to sympathise with her. He needs to respect my choice. I need to tell them that I do not want to hear about her at all and they are not to drag her into my life, either by talking about her or by asking me to talk to her or by asking me to help them help her. I do not want her around me or my child.


She seems to think I’ll fall for that ‘I only needed a place for 2 months, I know you need the room for the baby’ bullshit. My cousin (her nephew) slept on the FLOOR while her and her husband stayed by my aunt and uncle. She is a selfish bitch with no consideration for anyone else. Why should it be any different with *her* grandchild?


There’s this thing she does. I’ve watched her do it over and over. When someone else has a child, she tried to make them out to be an unfit parent and want to try and take the child away. She did this with my biological father’s child, many years ago. I wasn’t even a teenager yet. I was probably around 9 years old. She didn’t succeed. Most recently Coke Head’s ex called me. They have a child together. She was telling me how My Evil Mother was trying to gain custody of their child.


Who does this woman think she is? I know she won’t ever be able to take my child from me. It’s laughable, but the mere fact that she would make such a threat, or imply it is upsetting to say the least. I don’t think I can get a restraining order against her since she hasn’t actually threatened my life or assaulted me. I refuse to change my number. I’ve had my number for almost 10 years and it would be a major inconvenience to me.


I’m going to set the boundaries with my grandparents. I will never cut them out of my life, but I will take a stand and make it absolutely clear to them that I want nothing to do with her. If they so much as talk about her I will get up and leave or I will put the phone down. If they choose to associate themselves with her and her toxicity, I cannot help it, but I don’t have to.


I’m sick to death of it. No more.