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Feeling better

I was man down the entire weekend. I had really bad headaches, even while I was sleeping and the blocked nose/snot machine was working in full force. The headaches were NOT funny. I tried to go and renew my driver’s license on Saturday, but the caravan that is normally parked outside the traffic department was not there. This handy caravan takes your photos for you on the spot before you head in. So we went in search of somewhere in the vicinity that could take pictures for me. Nothing. Zip. Our home affairs office, which is as bad as the traffic department, has a fish and chips shop next door to it which not only takes photos, but will you sell you a pen to fill out your form with. Eventually I relented and let Rudi go to the traffic department to go and secure his appointment for his code 14 learner’s license test. Turns out I couldn’t renew my driver’s licence on a Saturday anyway. Monday to Friday. GAH! Luckily I won’t have to take leave because a colleague has kindly offered to take me to a traffic department near work to do the most boring admin on earth.


On Saturday morning our latest domestic attempt arrived. In the rain. From very far away. She is a young Zimbabwean lady, referred to us by our neighbour. She already works 5 days a week, but was willing to come and work for us on Saturdays in addition to that (bless her heart!). She arrived at about 09:00 and was finished with everything we required her to do by about 14:30. She did start washing windows and such, but I stressed to her that she didn’t have to finish spring cleaning the house in one day. I told her the basics we had discussed the morning needed to be done and if she had extra time to do one or two things she should do them then. She did find the time to straighten out Rudi’s cupboard which was in a shambles. She refused any lunch or coffee until she had finished her work. She then had two sandwiches and a cup of coffee. It came time to pay her and I handed over cash, as is customary. She said in future I may pay her at the end of the month. Very unusual, but also indicates to me that she plans on pitching up for the rest of the month. I took a shot in the dark and it turns out she has a bank account (at least her sister does) and I can EFT money to her! It’s like a dream come true. She also put a gold ring of mine that Babyice had tossed around in our room somewhere and some change she had found on my dressing table. I know at least two of my prior domestics would have taken the change for themselves. So for now our domestic troubles are over. We still need to do the laundry and dry it, but I am happy with that arrangement if all else is in order.


After a weekend of feeling absolutely terrible, I am starting to feel less congested. I switched to saline solution and suddenly it seems to be helping, although I’m sure it didn’t really before. That means I’m off the Illiadin for now, which is great. The headaches are still coming and going, but I suspect these may be from the pregnancy as well since I had them around the same time when I was pregnant with Babyice. Now that the congestion is gone and I have my sense of taste  again, the horrible taste in my mouth which was contributing to my nausea is back. With the nausea. Great hey?! I was really hoping to kick the nausea around the 12 week mark, but here we are going on 14 weeks with it still interfering with my life. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Although Jamie was a special case all around, I remember the nausea (a LOT more sever than this) lingering till about 15 weeks. I’m going to cling to that. Tightly. I think my gynae’s plan was to schedule my appointment with him as far as possible into the future to ensure that all my first trimester woes were a thing of the past when I next see him. He’s a clever one that. 10 days before I see him again. Let’s see if his guess was correct*.


Work is working on my nerves. I am very blessed to be able to look forward to maternity leave where I can be free of the worries of work for 6 months. Roll on December!


*I actually know he scheduled my appointment for an optimal time to do some blood tests, but I’m sure this was a bonus.