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Eyes, Hair and Skin

So on Wednesday I went to have my eyes tested. My eyes have gotten weaker 🙁 That sucks, but I suppose it is to be expected. I’m not getting any younger. I ordered myself a pair of spectacles and already got a message today confirming they are ready to be picked up! They said it could take 7 to 10 working days, so I was quite impressed that they are already ready. My eyes are healthy otherwise, but apparently dry out more quickly than they should. The optometrist said this is because I do computer work all day and I don’t blink properly, I ‘half blink’. She said that this is quite common and that I should get some lubricating drops. I will most definitely post a picture once I have collected my specs.


I went to have my hair done too. It is always a pleasure and I am happy with the results. While I was waiting for my colour to develop I was served some tea:


Rooibos Tea
And of course my colour looks fabulous:
Gorgeous blonde


I spoiled myself with Paul Mitchell shampoo and some Goldwell treatment. I have never bought salon products before, but I felt like it since my hair was less than it usually is (considering there was no rescuing involved).  The orange has been eradicated from my hair and there are no lines showing where my hair was coloured. Leebeesa’s hairdresser is truly a genius. I am grateful that she referred me to him, even though I had previously said I wouldn’t be caught dead there. That’s a long story, but mostly about preconceived perceptions I had. My hair didn’t take as long as it did the previous time and I didn’t feel like driving all the way home because I still had to pick Rudi up from work. I drove to his work and took a nap in the car. I couldn’t believe that I fell asleep and slept so well in an uncomfortable front seat, but I did. I only managed about 30 minutes before Rudi was done and woke me up. I was really grumpy!


Today a colleague commented on how bad my skin is looking 🙁 I am really self conscious about it. I remember @MeeAParkins telling me how lucky I was when I was pregnant with Babyice that my skin didn’t break out. She had problems with her skin during her pregnancy. I didn’t realize how lucky I was until it happened to me. The ‘magic cream’ doesn’t seem to be doing the trick anymore, in fact I think it may be contributing to my already overly oily skin. Leebeesa recommended that I get something from The Body Shop. I have really had enough of looking like a pimply teenager, so I went there and got myself a 3 step skin care programme:


Seaweed Skin Care
Leebeesa had actually recommended that I get the Tea Tree range, but the lady at The Body Shop was concerned that it might further dry out any dry spots I have on my skin. She recommended I rather try the seaweed range which is designed for combination skin. I really, really hope that this will help improve my skin. It has broken out so badly that it looks like I have a rash on my face 🙁  I am sure that bad skin isn’t something that may go away like morning sickness does. If I remember correctly MeeA was stuck without through out her whole pregnancy. I hope this helps!