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Elijah’s First Cinema Movie!

On Sunday I finally took Elijah to see his very first movie in the cinema! I have been wanting to do this for the longest time and definitely wanted to be with him when he has his first cinema experience. Gosh, I haven’t been to the movies in so long myself, it was just nice to go again 😉 I was supposed to take him the weekend before as my Valentine’s date, but my Valentine’s weekend took a bad turn and it didn’t happen. I was lucky enough to have won 3D movie tickets at work and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take him. I was a bit worried about the 3D part of things. I’ve heard that young children get scared by things flying out of the screen and also that they didn’t want to keep the glasses on all the time. Rudi and I explained to him before the time that he needed to keep the glasses on to see the movie properly and that the things that looked close were not real and that he didn’t have to be scared. He was so very excited. He was almost unbearable from the time we got to the mall directly after church, till the time when the movie started.

We went to purchase our tickets as soon as we arrived at the mall and then browsed through a few shops and bought a few grocery items. Elijah simply couldn’t wait! He kept asking when we were going. Eventually I left his father and sister in the parking garage and we set off to the movies. We did a toilet run to make sure nobody wanted to get up mid movie and then went to queue for popcorn. Maybe going on a different weekend wasn’t such a bad thing as the queues were fast moving and completely bearable. If we had run into the 50 shades rush I might have wanted to stab my eye out with a straw. We went the whole 9 yards with popcorn, a blue Slush Puppy and Astros for Elijah. I had popcorn, a mixed Slush Puppy and Smarties. We went to settle into our seats. Elijah could barely wipe the grin off his face. I saw another parent fetch their child a little cushion to sit on. I didn’t even realize these things existed! I quickly left the cinema to go and fetch one for Elijah too. Elijah asked when the movie would start and a few minutes later the previews began. Elijah isn’t one for ads. He asked me again when Spongebob was going to start. Yes! I forgot to say we went to watch Spongebob Out of Water 🙂 Eventually the movie started.

Elijah was transfixed throughout the entire show. He inhaled his popcorn, Astros and Slush Puppy throughout the movie. He sat completely still, did not fiddle with his glasses or try to take them off and only near the end of the movie told me he was Plankton after seeing Plankton in all his glory at the end of the movie. I had to word that sentence so carefully to not reveal any spoilers. You never know if an adult fan of Spongebob reads here 😛

Elijah really surprised me. I thought he would chatter non stop, be disruptive or get bored during the movie. I was so happy that he enjoyed it and look forward to taking him to the movies again! 🙂

While we were at the movies Rudi had his own problems to deal with. An overtired breastfed toddler with no mommy in sight does not a happy outing make. He took Gabby to Panarottis while Elijah and I were at the movies. She ended up throwing such a huge tantrum that he was forced to leave the restaurant. Luckily they were understanding (and perhaps even glad to have him leave with her) and cancelled the food order he had placed, letting him pay for the milkshake and beer he had as quickly as possible. While he was walking around in the mall Gabby fell asleep in her stroller and stayed that way until Elijah and I caught up with them there. Movie and a pizza? Sounds like a great date to me! Elijah absolutely adores going to Panarottis, so it must have been an amazing day for him!

Have you taken your kids to the cinema? What was your experience like? Tell me in the comments below 🙂