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Dummy fail

On Friday we went to have a braai/sleepover at a friend, G. It was a lovely evening. The food was good and we enjoyed the company. It was a bit of a mission getting Babyice down, but I managed it. He wasn’t happy about the sleeping arrangements after Rudi came to bed and we ended up playing musical beds/couch. On Saturday morning I decided to take a swim in the bath tub. The bath tub at G’s house is HUGE. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I didn’t fill the tub up like she did, but even with shallow water it was amazing. I lay back and put a face cloth over my eyes and just enjoyed it. It was probably the best bath I have ever had in my life. It is so awesome to bath in a bath that isn’t ‘too tight’ on you. We then ventured off for breakfast at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm. It was lovely! While we were busy eating, G decided that we should have some champagne and orange juice, stepping the breakfast up to a wonderful champagne breakfast. We ate while looking out over the vineyards and mountains. It was so nice! We then went back to G’s house, I took a nap with Babyice and after eating some leftovers from the braai we decided to head home. After a wonderful start to the weekend, being home just brought irritation and conflict. House work had piled up and we were faced with mounds of laundry/ironing, it was hot and to top it all off, we had no water again last night. We queried around the complex and everyone was without water. It did come on later in the evening, but too late for Babyice to have a bath. Meh. (I did the cleaning, ironing and packing away, BTW)


I’ve been trying to get Babyice to leave his dummy (pacifier), but he has started to demand it and want it all day, every day. We were succeeding at giving it to him only at bed time for a while, but I think Rudi showed him a crack in the front and he jumped at it. He started whining for the dummy at all times and would throw tantrums if it was not given to him when he demanded it. The day mother has absolutely no problems with it. He hands her the dummy when his nap is done and even after we arrive in the mornings he would simply give it to her once we had left. It is a clear cut case of manipulation on his part. I keep trying to tell Rudi he needs to put up with the screaming/crying and distract Babyice when he calls for the dummy, to no avail.


So we tried something else. A colleague gave me that stuff you paint on your nails if you’re a nail biter to help you stop. It tastes awful. I decided we would paint this onto the dummies. On Friday when I wanted to try it Rudi didn’t want to. On Sunday in church Rudi kept asking Babyice to give him the dummy. No other children had dummies besides him. It seemed to me that Rudi was embarrassed to have such a ‘big’ child sucking a dummy when other kids his age were dummy free. I pounced on the opportunity and after his Sunday afternoon nap we gave it a whirl. At first he sucked the dummy like nothing was amiss. I was confused. I thought perhaps I had put too little on. He then removed the dummy, pointed at his mouth and said ‘Mommy, eina’. I suspected that his mouth *might* be sore. He actually ASKED for medicine. Not like him! We gave him a different dummy (also ‘tainted’) and he pulled a face of disgust and gave it back. We told him the dummies must have gone ‘sour’. He tried another few times during the course of the day, eventually tossing the dummy across the house because he didn’t want it. SUCCESS?! No. Not quite.


Come bed time I put him down and again offered him a ‘sour’ dummy. He gave it back and said he didn’t want it. I walked out, things were quiet and I thought we had succeeded. He repeatedly came out of his room and screamed and cried if we tried to leave him there. Eventually I relented and gave him a dummy that had nothing painted on it and he still refused to sleep. We ended up going to bed so that he could sleep with us. Epic fail.


I now think I should just give up and let it go. Perhaps we’ll try and be more strict between sleep time and distract him when he asks for the dummy. Like @alambchop said, it’s not like you see 8 year old children sucking a dummy.


Work has been super frustrating. We’ve been tasked with the work we hate to do again. I’m not sure if there is an end in sight. I hope so. I hate this kind of work. I’m just not cut out for it. I don’t have much of a choice though and my entire team has to do the work. I could be miserable about it (like I was all day Thursday last week), or just suck it up and do what I need to do until it goes away. Focus on the positive.