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Dud Diagnosis

The doctor’s receptionist called yesterday with my results. I really hate that. When I started asking her questions, she clearly couldn’t answer me.

The good news, it isn’t arthritis. According to her the doctor said the might be gout. I should continue with the meds and if it gets worse, doesn’t clear I should come back for more tests. The meds do seem to be helping with the pain, this morning I felt absolutely horrible though. Dizzy, nauseous and no ability to concentrate. I was in the loo a few times waiting for something to happen. I considered making things happen myself, but then remembered how much I hate throwing up. I feel a lot better now.


I don’t think what I have is gout. For various reasons. Only 1 –  2 % of the western population are ever affected by gout. Of that 50 % of cases present in the big toe area. If left untreated an attack of gout should clear within 5 – 7 days. I’ve been suffering for over a month. The area is usually red and swollen. I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I barely drink and if I do I usually drink red wine. I don’t eat seafood.  I drink quite a bit of coffee and enjoy dairy products which apparently help with prevention. The only factor here that puts me at risk for gout is my weight. None of the other things make sense, so I really think this is not the correct diagnosis. At least I’ve ruled out arthritis and as far as I am concerned I’ve ruled out gout as well, but that leaves me back at square one.


So I’ll take the meds, I think I’ll skip the cortisone tomorrow and see if I don’t feel sick, or rather take them at night.  If it doesn’t get better I’ll go back and see. Not exactly what I wanted, but at least not bad news.


Thanks for the concern and kind messages x