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Domestics don’t suck like Electrolux, they just suck

So on Friday we were afforded the opportunity to go and enjoy @kambabe’s 40th birthday. It was quite a long drive there, but it was totally worth it. I got to meet quite a few new Twitter friends and one of my old friends, @MeeAParkins had flown down from Johannesburg for the occasion and it was lovely to see her again. At some point they bust out the karaoke machine and Rudi, being slightly inebriated, could not WAIT to put my name down. Eventually I relented and had him put my name down for a duet and made him sing with me. That didn’t go too well. We sang ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ from the movie Dirty Dancing. I was very nervous. No alcohol in my system to help me out either. I didn’t die though and I didn’t cry either (something that happens to me when I have to speak in public and I freeze up), so all’s well that ends well. Some kind people even took pity on me and said I did well. I hear someone made videos and uploaded them to YouTube, but haven’t seen anything of me pop up yet. Thank goodness! I also did something very out of character…there were toothpicks with a small piece of vienna, small piece of cheese and a green seedless olive on the snack table. I had one. I don’t eat/like olives, but suddenly couldn’t get enough! I’m not sure if I have acquired a taste for olives now, but I’m not averse to trying some more green olives…with cheese! I don’t think they would be the same without it. MeeA reckons that means I’m having a boy. We’ll have to wait and see.


On Saturday the domestic didn’t pitch up. Frankly, I wasn’t surprised. It was cold and raining. We did try to contact her on numerous occasions on Friday, but her phone was off and when someone eventually did answer they said she had left the phone at home and gone out. We left a message for her to call back, but she never did. Back to square one. I’m not going to lick her bum to give her a job. Not sure where to start looking now again though. We’ve tried agencies, that was a bust. They are also more expensive than a regular domestic and a colleague of mine has been robbed blind by one of them. We tried to talk to our neighbour on Sunday, but he works strange hours and didn’t open the door. The day mother said she will talk to her other daughter and see if her domestic has any days available. Pffft. Rudi did do the ironing on Sunday, but now we’re behind on all the cleaning again 🙁


On Sunday morning before I came to work Rudi and Babyice were still sleeping. I went to kiss Babyice and he stirred, latched onto my arm and said ‘I love you, mommy’. That was SO sweet. *melt*. Another thing I absolutely adore about him is that he smiles first thing in the morning when he wakes up and sees our faces. He is always happy to see us in the morning. That doesn’t mean that a tantrum won’t follow within minutes, but it is lovely to see someone smile as soon as they open their eyes. That is rare.


We have our fetal assessment on Thursday. Cautiously excited.