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Doctor’s Bills…AAAAAARGH!!!!

Here’s a tip. Don’t ever open a doctors bill in the morning. I received the pathologist bills that I have been waiting for and hastily opened them this morning so that I could pay them as soon as possible.

Imagine those cartoon characters that have their eyes popping out of their socket. Oh. My. Fuck. The bill is almost DOUBLE what I anticipated. To be exact the bill for the pathologist is R5649.30. Can you say ‘Payment Arrangement’?

I gave them a call and they agreed that I can pay them off over 12 months which is around R475.00 a month. That, at least, is manageable.

Rudi thinks I’m pregnant again because I’m irritable. Last time he identified my pregnancy by the amount I was eating. I don’t feel sick or anything and I guess my next period will only come around December. I’m not sure exactly how to work it out, but my cycle is usually 32 days and if I calculate from the date of the termination then I am due 7 December. It’s not impossible that I am pregnant, but I’m not going to get excited. I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work as we have HUGE problems and are trying to wade through PILES of complaints. Nobody is even going to the loo today (yet somehow I’m finding time to blog) because we are so swamped.

One of my colleagues was admitted to hospital yesterday. She’s been coughing a lot for a long time and we kept on telling her to go to the doctor, but she kept putting it off. Yesterday Jubba told her to leave work and go to the hospital. The latest news is that she has blood clots on her lungs and that she is diabetic. I remember how devastated I was at the possibility of being diabetic, I hope she is OK.

I have stopped writing this post for about 4 hours because we’re so freaking busy. I have to get my work up to date…no time to dawdle on blogger!