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Dentist Visit

The night before last and yesterday at work I was again plagued by the sharp pain in my mouth. After thinking about it I guess I should of known it was my tooth and not my gums since the pain was localized to one area. Denial is a wonderful thing, no? I was looking forward to my dentist appointment to get to the bottom of things and to rid myself of the pain.




I explained to him what I had been feeling and he said he would try to fix me up in one appointment, but that he would have to remove the filling where the pain was coming from to check what was going on before he could commit to that. He quickly found the offending tooth and said he was administering half the usual anesthetic since I am pregnant (I had expressed concerns about the anesthetic crossing the placenta). Once he removed the filling he found a cavity. He said ‘Oo! That’s an eina cavity’. I confirmed this was the case. He drilled a little further and then said something I never wanted to hear a dentist say ‘It looks like we’ll have to do a root canal’. I’m sure my eyes widened with fear, but my dentist was quick to assure me that it was nothing to panic about. He said not to worry since I was already numb, which was when I realized he intended to do the root canal immediately!




He proceeded to drill and go ahead with the treatment. At one point the drill got stuck in my tooth and he battled to get it out. Eventually he left the drill bit in my tooth (separating it from the drill) and then was able to wiggle it out quite easily. In almost no time he said ‘All done!’. I honestly did not feel a thing. I had no discomfort at all during the entire procedure! I’m not sure what goes wrong with people who tell horror stories about root canals, but my dentist is a gem. I’m so glad Leebeesa referred me to him. He was one heck of a find. Even though I am sure most of you cringed when I said he got the drill stuck in my tooth, I assure you I felt nothing and would do it again tomorrow. In fact, I have to go back on Friday at which point he will be removing the temporary filling he put in and widening the canals. Next week he will be putting in a permanent filling for me. The excellent news is that I have been completely pain free since the procedure. No more crippling pain! He said I might have some discomfort/mild pain after the anesthetic wore off and that I could pop Panado for that, but I did not need to take anything at all. I do have the taste of clove oil in my mouth though. My dentist puts clove oil underneath temporary fillings because of its healing and pain relief properties. I’ll take clove oil over pain any day.




In the end I am glad I went. Even though this is probably going to cost a pretty penny, I would rather have it seen to than living in denial and pain for weeks on end. My very first root canal. While I’m pregnant. Aren’t I a trooper? 😛