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Day off

I have the day off tomorrow.


I am going to have my eyes tested in the morning since Spec Savers refuse to give me new contact lenses without another eye test (despite having my eyes tested in April last year). I am also going to pick out a new pair of frames and get myself new spectacles. The last time I got specs I was in high school and they are dated to say the least. My prescription hasn’t changed too much since then, but the frames have got to go. I wear contact lenses the majority of the time, but I’d like to be able to switch between specs and lenses to give my eyes a break. Also, I remember when I was pregnant with Babyice my eyes dried out a lot towards the end of my pregnancy and that made it quite difficult to see properly with the contact lenses, especially while driving. I am going on my own, so I hope I don’t pick out a dorky frame. I am not willing to spend R3000 on something I won’t be wearing that often, so I plan to get a cheap frame and lens deal. I just really hope I’ll find something that looks decent on me. I think people will be pretty jarred by seeing me wearing spectacles. Most people don’t even realize I need them because I have always just worn contact lenses in public. Since I got my specs when I was in high school, vanity and fear of being shunned led me to wear contact exclusively and I have never changed. Now I am old and have nobody to impress, what’s the harm? 😛


After that I’ll be going to have my hair done again! I will be returning to the genius who fixed my hair before. I am BORED with my hair. I want to make a change…but this happens to me every so often and if I do something drastic like chopping it all off I end up regretting it. Doing something drastic with colour is also not really an option since I am only just getting my colour back to where I want it. Maybe I’ll be happy when my roots have been touched up and my hair is perfectly blonde once more. I’ll have a chat to the hairdresser and see what he says. Don’t think I haven’t considered purple tips/streaks. On the one hand I love the idea, on the other I feel like I am too old to walk around with punk rocker hair, you know? Yes, I know I’m not ancient…but still. My midlife crisis is yet to come.


I am rather looking forward to having my hair look beautiful again. I am just really hoping that I don’t feel nauseous while I am sitting there, because that would just suck. I am going to take some snacks with…and I must not forget my phone charger! At least I can play games and tweet while I wait for my hair to look pretty 🙂


I bought myself two snood scarves today. A plain black one and a black and white one. I am quite chuffed. I love them! Snood scarves are so much more manageable than regular scarves and they look so stylish 🙂