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Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

Bury my husband or my child.

Technically Jamie wasn’t buried. The geneticist asked permission to use her for research as she had never seen a case like hers and they took her body for examination. I thought if I could help someone, somewhere by allowing them to, it would be worth it. We had a memorial service for her soul, but we didn’t have a proper funeral.

I hope I never, ever have to bury either Rudi or Babyice. I said before that I admire my own strength, but I do not know if I could face this. The thought of either of them just being seriously injured is devastating enough. Losing them forever is something I cannot and do not want to fathom.

I understand that I will have to bury my family members (one of them very soon) and perhaps even some of my friends. This is inevitable. Death and loss is inevitable. It is natural. It always seems unfair.