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Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

I seriously lack ambition. That must be what it is. Perhaps there is something though…

This really is a pie in the sky dream, but it is something I wish I could do. I sing. Okay, I sing karaoke, but I’ve been told I can sing. I’ve even recorded a song that I wrote the lyrics for myself. I don’t feel like it’s finished, I still need to do some backing vocals on it and so forth, but I’ve done that much. I’ve only ever written one song and at least tried to record it. I don’t consider myself a song writer, I could collaborate with a writer, but I prefer being a vocalist.

I have terrible stage fright. I’ve entered a competition, but could not perform in front of the judge (yes, only one, not Idols style). I was so nervous my voice was breaking and I just couldn’t even begin to sing. It’s easier with karaoke, there’s alcohol, see? I think it would be much easier to sit in a studio and record, but if you lack the confidence to perform in front of a crowd, what good would that do? I’m no Celine Deon or Christina Aguilera, but I have some talent.

If I couldn’t record an album or perform professionally or semi-professionally, I would like to look into a career of doing voice overs. For advertisements, TV, radio ads, whatever. I have a good speaking voice as well. Having spoken to thousands upon thousands of clients during my career as a call centre agent, I’ve heard this often. Anyone got connections to help me make my dream come true? 😉