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I am frustrated and I thought blogging about it might help. Guys, you might want to skip this one, or read on and gain some insight into womanhood. Up to you.


I’ve previously blogged about us trying to conceive (TTC) and that I have gone off the pill since February and thrown caution to the wind. I said that I wouldn’t obsess over it or start checking ovulation dates, etc. I haven’t done that, but I have tried to track my cycle. Whether TTC or not tracking your cycle is a good thing to do as your cycle speaks to how well your reproductive system is functioning and whether it is healthy. In February I had two cycles 22 days apart. It has now been 35 days since the beginning of my last cycle and nothing. I took a pregnancy test on Tuesday to be sure and it was negative. I am okay with that. I didn’t cry about it. It has, however, frustrated me.


Now I’m stuck having no idea what is going on. In limbo. If I am not pregnant, I would really appreciate the start of a new cycle so that we can take our chances on the next one. If I am pregnant I would like to see it  on a test so that I can start gearing myself and taking prenatal vitamins and making an appointment with my gynaecologist. Instead, I’m in the middle of nowhere. Waiting. Wondering. Frustrated.


My emotions are all over the place. 2 weeks ago I was so grouchy I thought I would murder someone. I assumed it was PMS. I even had a chin pimple pointing me in that direction, but nothing. Mood swings continue intermittently, but there are no other signs indicating anything really. According to Wikipedia a normal cycle can be anything from 21 days to 45 days long. While I am still within normal range, it doesn’t feel normal, you know? 45 days. FML. My cycle before was 32 days (which is already long), but ran like clockwork. Right now it’s completely out of whack. I have some more pregnancy tests, but each one I’ve taken has been negative and I don’t have any free ones left 😛


If I get to day 45 with nothing, I think I’ll take another test and if that is still negative go for a blood test. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to make an appointment with my gynae anyway.


*sigh* Not fun!