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Congratulations Fairy Girl and Baldy!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Fairy Girl who gave birth to baby Logan today! Her husband (@baldy_za) alerted us to her arrival via Twitter. This has made me quite grateful that Rudi is becoming familiar with Twitter so he will be able to let all our friends know about Babyice’s arrival and how things are going with us.


61 days to go before Babyice is here. Two months exactly. I’m not quite in a flat panic, but I’m sure I soon will be. I’m trying to chill until my baby shower as I’ll only really be able to determine what I need once that is over. There will be so much to do still I’m sure. We haven’t really set up the baby room yet…and I just realized I don’t even have curtains. At least curtains aren’t the most important thing.


I did get all the Christmas gifts wrapped this morning. It’s such a small pile. I still have to get something for Rudi and Rudi will still buy a few for his family, but there really isn’t much under the tree this year. The angel on top of the Christmas tree has gone missing. I need to call the housekeeper to ask her where on earth it has gotten to! Such a strange thing to go missing!


I just watched the movie ‘My sister’s keeper’. Predictably I bawled all the way through it. It is a beautiful movie. It got me thinking about what our lives might have been like if Jamie had been born. Honestly I don’t know if Jamie would have survived to term, but if she had made it she would have required many, many surgeries. The least of which would have been for her legs and feet, but there would have been a lot of more serious surgeries that would have taken priority over those. All of our time and money would have been spent in hospitals and on hospital bills. Jamie would never have been able to enjoy ‘normal’ life and would have been on drugs and in pain most of the time. When it comes down to it, I am glad we spared her, and selfishly ourselves, from that.


Anyway…I wish Fairy Girl and Baldy all the best and hope that baby Logan brings them much happiness and joy!