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Co-sleeping Woes

It’s not secret that Babyice comes to sleep with us every night. At first he would cry and Rudi would go and fetch him, but he has graduated to running through to our room and standing on Rudi’s side of the bed to be picked up. We have a king size, so it’s a bit high for him to climb up without a little help. I’ve protested the situation on numerous occasions, but my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Rudi even suggested we put a step next to the bed for him so it’s easier for him to get up by himself! Bear in mind I am the sleep training champion in the house and Rudi is the ruiner. Rudi’s excuse all winter long has been that he is probably cold, despite being warmly dressed. The weather has certainly warmed up…and now I have to hear that he will just come to our room anyway. *sigh*. Look, I am not completely heartless. On the odd occasion that he *does* sleep through I wake up and wonder if he is okay and I miss him there. Once he is there it poses all sorts of problems though.



I am concerned about what will happen once PrincessIce arrives. You see, Babyice pretends he is a helicopter while he sleeps. He flips and flops and literally spins 360 degrees sometimes. Somehow his feet often end up in my face. I ended up getting a hiding the other morning. He kept kicking me in the face/tummy/back and after numerous warnings Rudi tried to give him a whack and ended up whacking me on the bum instead! Rudi was reprimanded for this later on. Babyice cannot control what he does in his sleep and cannot be given a whack for it! This morning I was driven out of my bed by the situation. Instead of going to sleep after being kicked in the face, instinctively I would lay awake waiting for him to do it again so I could protect myself. After realizing that I was the only one losing out on sleep here (he never seems to aim for Rudi!) I got up with my pregnancy pillow and went to sleep in his bed. After I woke up this morning I saw him sleeping peacefully, spread eagle on my side of the bed. When I told him in the car that I had to go sleep in his bed he looked very confused, oblivious to the happenings of the night before. What is going to happen when I am breastfeeding PrincessIce in our bed? We already don’t put him on the edge of the bed since the bed is so high, we wouldn’t dare put him in the middle and her on the edge…or visa versa.




I’ve seen more than one Nanny911/Supernanny episode on this problem. All she did was to take the child back to their own bed repeatedly, no matter how many times they got up. Of course the burden to do this would be on me, because I want it. I can’t pick Babyice up now though, so it won’t get done. Apparently the fact that I want to do it makes me heartless/too strict. I guess I’ll just have to keep on moving over to Babyice’s bed. That seems to make everyone except me happy and isn’t that what mommies do? Sacrifice to keep everyone else happy?