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Clutter Chaos – HELP!

The chaos which is my house and all the cupboards therein is driving me BATSHIT! It is nagging me and I just can’t face it. Arkwife suggested I should surely be nesting by now…my response? My head is nesting, but my body is protesting! It keeps on mulling around in my mind. Too much stuff. Too much clutter. No space. Where are we going to put the baby? Where are we going to put her stuff? How? WHEN? HOW?! I just cannot DEAL.



I have two friends who would be MORE than happy to organize my shit for me…in a heartbeat, but they are all stuck in different provinces. Peppered around the country. Just my luck! Even when Angel was down from Johannesburg for my baby shower last time, the evening she helped me organize all the clothing gifts into age categories (how GENIUS is that?! ) and I’m sure we even packed some of it away. Angel, by the way, is a fantastic organizer. She has a really logical way of thinking and is able to make the simplest, smallest changes to make a big difference. For example, she turned around all my pens/highlighters, etc so that the points face downwards and they don’t dry out. DUH. WHY didn’t I think of that?! I still do that to this day.



As much as I’d like to say I am a well organized person…I am just NOT. I am disorganized. I make clutter. I HATE it. You should see my bloody dressing table. There are probably 40 bottles of various crap standing on TOP of it. Off the top of my head I can tell you the following items are there that have not been touched in months:



  • Hair mousse
  • Baby powder
  • Sudocrem
  • Hair silicone spray
  • Puma Balm
  • Prodol teething stuff
  • Various lotions


…and…and…and….KILLING ME. Why not pack it away? Because the designated cupboard is also in disarray. There is a table between our lounge and kitchen which is COVERED in crap. Mostly Babyice’s toys, etc…but COVERED. Toys he doesn’t play with, but we have nowhere else to put and PrincessIce will use it too. I have some clear storage containers that stack well…full of stuffed animals…that just never get taken out or played with. Some of them have sentimental value. I was thinking to go through them and donating some to the less fortunate. Then I have a high shelf at the top of Babyice’s cupboard that has a lot of old books and heaven knows what else in it. Babyice doesn’t get to use ANY of his cupboards, the built in cupboards in his room at least. The hanging space is full of daddy’s clothes. Beneath that there two large suitcases with whichever clothes we’re not wearing due to seasonal changes. Okay, clothes I’M not wearing. There are also blankets there so there is no space at the bottom. Above that the books and heaven knows what else. The shelves are filled with towels, linen, more baby blankets and medicine/toiletries. All Babyice’s clothes are in the compactum we got before he was born. Do you remember that Babyice only got his ‘baby room’ at the age of 4 months? THAT is how organized I am. Babyice’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and are now destined to be worn by PrincessIce are vacuum packed in the top of my cupboard. The top of our cupboards are also full. We just took our electric blanket off and put it in the top of the cupboard.¬†One of my kitchen cupboards is filled with forgotten containers, old coffee mugs we’ll never use and again…heaven knows what else.




Every storage space is filled to maximum capacity…another reason I’ve been panicking about where to put PrincessIce’s things. TOO MUCH STUFF! TOO LITTLE SPACE. I’m sure if I were more organized or better at organizing I could stop agonizing as everything would just be lovely. I am just so overwhelmed that I do not even know where to start. I am afraid if I start I will start moving stuff around instead of solving the actual problem. I need to DE-CLUTTER my life! I need to get rid of loads of things. Rudi is TERRIBLE at this. Absolutely terrible. I can still throw things out and ‘let go’. I go through phases where I purge things at a fantastic rate and I can’t remember ever regretting it. Rudi will hold on to the plastic sleeve we bought a blanket in ‘in case we need it someday’. Which why he has a cupboard bulging with clothes he NEVER wears. I just can’t get him to part with the stuff! This is not his fault though. His cupboard full of clothes is just a slice of the pie. There are much bigger problems all over the house.




I want someone to help me fix this. The thought of it makes me crumble into a pile and reduces me to tears. I want to be better. I want to do better. I just can’t get started and clearly need some guidance. This is my cry for help!