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Christmas shopping…

…is something I’m not particularly looking forward to. Shopping is such a schlep for me nowadays. I get tired and Babyice can be liking to drop right onto my bladder. It’s painful. I would really like to get everyone in the family something, even if it is something small. What I do not want to do is visit store after store looking for something for everyone. I don’t like giving ‘generic’ type gifts, but this year I couldn’t be bothered!


I was thinking I’d like to do all my shopping in one store…and after browsing the Clicks Christmas Catalogue for 2009 a bit, I decided it would be perfect. Not only because they have such a large selection of stuff, but because I will be able to earn club card points, meaning I get vouchers for more stuff later on. Win.


Since I don’t expect to be getting many Christmas gifts I’m not overly excited about that. I have no idea what I am going to get for Rudi. He seems to want clothing, so it should be too hard. Rudi did buy me the Sing Star game, supposedly as a birthday present…but he has another thing coming! He owes me BIG time for waiting months and month after my birthday to buy it…so I’ll be standing with open hands waiting for huge ass presents for Christmas. My current heart’s desire is a hair straightener. I’ve found one or two I’m interested in and I’m currently asking opinions on Twitter. The ladies really all seem to know about this kind of stuff. I’m such a n00b. I don’t know what else I could possibly ask for…but I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to come up with something else before Christmas.


Even though I’m not one to faff with my hair a lot, my hair looks awesome when it’s been flat ironed and there are occasions where I really wish I had a flat iron to achieve that look. I do not have the patience or the hand eye co-ordination required to blow dry my hair straight…so it would be the perfect solution. I’m excited!!!


Super tired and procrastinating today at work. Its last thing I want to do today. Seriously. This is only going to come back to bite me in the bum later…so I better get cracking…