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Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was okay. As per tradition my family came over on Christmas Eve to socialize a little and unwrap gifts. I’m not sure why we still decided to do this, despite us all being together again on Christmas day.  We decided to make boerewors rolls since Rudi insisted on making a fire. We all know how our cavemen love a good fire 😉



Anyway, everyone came over and shortly after everyone had arrived Babyice picked up a gift, brought it to me and said ‘Open?’. We decided there was no use delaying it and allowed him to start unwrapping gifts. Sometimes he requested a little help getting started. He wasn’t quite sure where to tear at the paper when it was all completely wrapped up, but once you got a little tear in there he knew exactly what to do. Sometimes he would tear and a tiny piece of paper would come off, prompting us to jeer about being there till next year. He also insisted on unwrapping ALL the gifts, even those intended for Rudi’s parents who we would only see the next day. He actually did get bored of all the unwrapping, which was a bit unfortunate as I was saving the Barney stuffed animal Nellie sent him from Port Elizabeth for last. I eventually managed to convince him to unwrap it and he was very pleased with the contents 😀 He is so very cute when unwrapping gifts. I’m not sure where he observed this, but he’ll tear at the paper and once whatever is inside has been partially revealed he will look up, make his mouth into a perfect little “O” and gasp. It is too cute to behold 🙂


I finished preparing the trifle for Christmas Day while the family was visiting. I made a huge trifle which took up an entire shelf in the fridge. The last time I made a trifle it didn’t turn out so well. I had put sherry in the sponge cake and it was very overpowering. I didn’t like it. I decided to skip the sherry this year though and set the jelly in the sponge cake. We attended church the next morning and went home to fetch the trifle and potato salad I had made. I had only gotten around to making the potato salad in the morning before church since I was wiped out the night before from having the family over. It was just as well though since there wasn’t space for it in the fridge. We all gathered at the in laws for our Christmas lunch. We had planned to have a spit braai, but because there weren’t enough people coming to justify and entire lamb, we changed the plans to a regular braai. My grandmother had mentioned that she really felt like leg of lamb and roast potatoes, so my mother in law made that AND two chickens. The braai just wasn’t happening fast enough and everybody was hungry, so we ended up eating the leg of lamb and chicken with the salads for lunch.



The pool at the in law’s had packed up about 3 weeks before Christmas. Rudi had spent a few evenings there trying to fix it. 3 pool pumps and 3 weeks later the pool still wasn’t fixed. I was quite annoyed since part of the reason we decided to have Christmas at the in laws was because they have a pool and it would probably be good swimming weather. The water was still green on Christmas day, although slightly better than it had been. The kids decided they didn’t care and dove in. Of course Babyice also wanted to swim and Rudi got in with him and later my mother in law. I wouldn’t have wanted to swim in the green water (if I cannot see through it, I won’t get into it) and was fortunate enough to have a female excuse as to why I could not swim. After the swimming activities Babyice came out of the pool with blue lips and shivering like it was -10 degrees. Shame. I quickly peeled off his wet costume and dressed him and he was a happy chap again soon.



The boys eventually got their bums into gear and got the braai going, which resulted in a second lunch/early dinner. I just had the the steak that we brought for the braai with some Ina Paarman cheese sauce. It was very yum! My trifle was absolutely delicious! It tasted precisely like my grandmother’s always used to. The trifle was *huge* and it was practically polished:



Strawberry jam and jelly set into the sponge



Ta da!


All in all we had a nice day. No fights, no drama. This was probably because I completely ignored requests from My Evil Mother this year. She enquired where we would be and what we would be doing. I ignored her. She then started guilt tripping me, I ignored her. It seems I have accidentally deleted her messages. They were scripted along the lines of ‘If your Oupa was still here you would not be treating me this way. You have green corn on your fields and you are preventing me from loving him’ blah blah blah. To be honest, I did feel guilty. I do not, however, think she would have added any value or Christmas cheer to our day. In fact, she would probably have made it awkward and difficult for everyone. I meant to wish her for Christmas all day, but it would seem I had gotten so used to ignoring her and putting her out of my mind that I completely forgot. Then I felt guilty about that. She did wish my grandmother via SMS, but not me. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel guilty. I don’t know. Whatever.



Even though we had a nice day, I was quite sad during the course of the morning. I missed my Oupa and wished he was there still. Babyice was riding around on the black bike he bought him for his very first Christmas. At least he got to enjoy the ‘real’ party.



Unfortunately the Christmas pictures are on my ‘proper’ camera and I still need to download them. I will try to do this soon, but it probably won’t be before we come back from our holiday next week.