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Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA for a while. I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life and needed to take a break. I wish I could say that I’m back in full force now, but I have a lot of catching up to do. During this time, however, I received a press sample from CATRICE which I will be showing you today. CATRICE have released a new collection of products referred to as “Alluring Reds”. They have a few lip colours available in this trend edition which I will definitely be checking out since I can really love me a red lippy. I was sent a duo of nail polish called Pleasure of Temptation to review. I like it already 😉

Let me show you what I came up with and then I’ll get into my findings and experience with the polishes.Catrice Alluring Reds Pleasure of TemptationCatrice Alluring Reds Pleasure of TemptationCatrice Alluring Reds Pleasure of TemptationIn the set you receive 2 polishes. A silver base colour and a jelly which is designed to go over the silver. I think the concept is pretty much the same as the OPI Color Paints range where a silver is used as a base and you also have a sheer tinted polish to go over it. In my mind the silver is used to help the sheer polish ‘pop’ and also to ensure opacity. I was bouncing around ideas with Pish as to what kind of art I could do with these and she had a great idea, which I promptly stole. When I was swatching these polishes before I started creating this look, I noticed the silver showed brush strokes quite prominently, so I decided to try sponging and painting it underneath the red to see if it would make a difference. I also tried a different number of coats of the silver as it was a little more sheer than a foil. My findings will be below 🙂

I started off with a base coat to protect my nails. On my index nail I sponged on a few coats of the silver base coat. On my pinkie I painted 1 coat of the silver base colour. On my middle and ring nails I painted 2 coats of black polish as a base for my stamping. With the silver appearing to be kind of sheer when painting it on, I didn’t have high hopes for it to stamp well, but when I tested it I was very pleasantly surprised! It stamped like a dream! I used the silver to stamp the images over the black polish. I then proceeded to start layering the red jelly over my nails. In the pictures above you see 3 coats of red over the silver nails and 2 coats over the stamping. You could probably get away with 2 coats of the red over the silver, but with each coat the colour deepens beautifully and I loved it at 3. I didn’t feel it would make too much difference over the stamping, so I left it at 2 coats. Although I worked fairly quickly, the red jelly didn’t drag my stamping at all. Yay! I sealed everything in with a fast drying top coat.

From the tests that I did I concluded that you only require 1 coat of the silver underneath the red. There really isn’t any visible difference between one and two coats underneath. Once you start building your red colour, the brush strokes of the silver completely disappear. Sponging the silver is much more labour intensive and not worth the effort. You can go ahead and paint it on. I was completely obsessed with how the stamped nails turned out. I will most definitely be doing this again! They were absolutely beautiful! I really love this shade of red too. The polish dries to a stunning squishy, high gloss finish, but I added a top coat to prolong wear. I can also see myself using the red jelly for leadlighting in the future. I did notice that there was some bubbling in the jelly once it was dry. This was not visible to the naked eye unless you very closely eyeballed your nails in the sun. I think I could probably resolve this if I waited for my layers to dry before applying the next and perhaps painting thinner coats. The silver is perfectly opaque in two coats and can also be worn on it’s own. If you don’t mind visible nail line you could wear the jelly on it’s own too or it can be used for jelly sandwiches, so these polishes are also fairly versatile.

You can find these red beauties, plus the rest of the trend edition in Dischem stores in South Africa. The recommended retail price for the set is R 89.95. There are two other sets of the red polish to choose from. I would love to hear what you think of these in the comments below 🙂

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