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cathjenkin’s Tweetup :)

Had a lovely tweetup last night. We went to Primi Piatti in Cavendish Square. Rudi and I never venture out into the Southern Suburbs…we got lost on the way there…then got lost in the mall looking for the restaurant, but it was worth it!


I was pleasantly surprised by everyone that was there. I didn’t know anything other than the time, where it was and that @cathjenkin would be there. It was so nice meeting @cow_grrrl, @BiggestMullet, @andrevr, @ChristopherM, @Squidsquirt and @blindcripple. I also very briefly saw @shawnjooste just before we left.  It’s always so much fun to get to meet the people behind the tweets, to hear their voices, see their facial expressions and start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. The tweet up was in honour of cathjenkin’s presence in Cape Town. She has been meaning to visit for some time and finally got the opportunity.


Cath really is a super woman (in more ways than one) and I really didn’t expect to get the opportunity to meet her any time soon. We’ve been chatting on Twitter for a while and she’s always been so supportive and poured out her love towards me. We also have something else in common that I do not come across often. She is the biggest Alanis Morissette fan ever. Coming from me who loves Alanis, that is saying a lot. She wins. Hands clean down. She’s promised to make me a CD with the songs I have not managed to find. I’m holding her to it!


Rudi has been pretty good about going with to tweetups. He doesn’t really use Twitter…he’s got a terrible phone for it and he recently lost his stylus which doesn’t help matters, but he doesn’t seem to mind me dragging him to tweetups to meet people who mostly talk about the internet and Twitter, sometimes. I’m really glad for that because I look forward to continue meeting more fabulous people from Twitter before Babyice arrives. I’m sure I’m going to disappear off the grid for a while after that happens.