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Cortisone Catharsis

It is after midnight on a Tuesday morning. 6 minutes after midnight to be exact and anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I am not normally awake at this time. The reason I am awake is simple. I took ill on the lovely 4 day weekend I had planned for myself (the entirety of

essence You Wow’d Me Again

        Hi everyone! I have a very simple mani to show you today. I did this one during the holidays to tide me over for the week. I did a review mani on the same day and didn’t have time for anything complicated. It was still super pretty though. The essence polish

New Year’s Nails

bornprettystore Nail Charm Review

      Hi everyone! I have another bornprettystore review for you today. This mani doubles up as my contribution for New Year’s nails as well 🙂 I received a gorgeous charm to review. They come in different colours, you can view and purchase them here. I actually like all of the colours, but I

PPSA Nail Challenge – Dark and Vampy

PPSA Nail Challenge Dark and Vampy

      Hi everyone! It’s time for the next prompt in the #PPSAnailchallenge 🙂 This entire month all my nail posts will be for the Polished Pretties South Africa Nail Challenge. Polished Pretties South Africa is a Facebook group started by the Nail Anarchy ladies and we decided to do a month long challenge and

Toy Toggle – Review and Giveaway!

      Hi everyone! I have a very cool product to show you today. Lauren over at Toy Toggle has launched a new and unique product into the South African market which is locally manufactured and was developed by her. She asked if I would like to review it and run a giveaway for

Potty Training V 2.0

Potty training has started in our house again. Round 2! I skimmed over some blog posts from 3 years ago when we were potty training Elijah and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. It was our first time around and it wasn’t the mess necessarily that made me crazy. It was frustrating. I didn’t

Cinderella’s Ice Dream

I bought Sinful Colors Cinderella a while ago, but after a disappointing run with Glass Pink I delayed using it. I knew it was also sheer and had no idea what to do with it. After Rudi made me a second polish rack (that deserves its own post!) and I managed to sort and display