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You would swear I have nothing to blog about. Where to start?


I got my specs…a while ago actually. They need to be adjusted slightly. I haven’t started wearing them yet. I need to go back to the optometrist to check out how my eyes are doing with the new contact lenses she has me trying out. I’ll have them adjusted when I go. Perhaps I should make a turn there this afternoon. I promised a picture:


New specs




I think I chose a nice frame and that they suit me. I wore them to work once on a weekend. Nobody even flinched. I am yet to test the waters when everyone is here.


My skin is looking heaps better! It took just over a week for me to look at it and say that there is a big improvement. It is most definitely the new skin regime that is bearing fruit. Over the weekend I was a bit lax and skipped either my morning/evening routine on alternate days and my skin broke out again. I have since been doing it religiously and it started paying off. Those extra few minutes that it takes are really, really worth it. I feel a LOT less self conscious about my skin. I’ve even contemplated going back to The Body Shop and finding more products. I only have a face wash, toner and day cream now. I was thinking to perhaps get something for the evening and maybe an eye cream. The products obviously work and they don’t cost nearly as much as you would pay for something from a cosmetic house. I am very impressed. I also read on baby centre that you should be very gentle with your skin. The first thing you want to do when your skin breaks out is to scrub it. Like that will take the ugly away. The advice there is not to scrub or exfoliate or rub hard, but to dab and rinse and pat your skin. I have been following that advice and it is working for me. They also make mention that the hormones causing bad skin can come and go during pregnancy, but I’m not getting any younger and looking after my skin is something I should have been doing for a long time.


On Sunday morning Babyice woke up with a fever of 39 degrees. We medicated him and he was fine for most of the day. Around 18:00 his fever spiked again and almost hit 40. Panic stations. You all know how fevers freak me out and this was no different. Babyice actually had chills from the fever and that made me even more panicky. I’ve never had to deal with chills before. I may have started crying. Rudi was not impressed (with me crying). We popped him into a lukewarm bath and I gave him a Voltaren suppository. We managed to break the fever, but knew that we had to be on standby for another possible spike. I didn’t want to give him Stopayne (which had kept his fever under control since the morning) because I was afraid it would put him in too deep a sleep to rouse us if something went wrong. At 00:40 he spiked again. 39.9. We made a judgment call. I gave him Stopayne and we took him to the emergency room. I almost bolted for the door while we were waiting to see the doctor since he started to feel cooler, but by the time I had mentioned it to Rudi the doctor came out and picked up his file. I was right, his fever had broken. It was probably a combination of the Stopayne and cold air to and from the car. He didn’t spike again. So in hindsight we could have skipped the trip to the emergency room and saved a bunch of money by taking him to his regular GP later in the day. He was diagnosed with another throat infection and sinusitis. I suspect that the throat infections are stemming from his two year molars erupting, but I could be wrong.  I felt so ill when we got home from the emergency room and struggled to go sleep. My poor baby. He is doing much better now though. The doctor gave him a really high dosage of antibiotics and we’re feeding him plenty of probiotics to help. I have learnt that Stopayne REALLY klaps a fever. Yes, I am aware that it has Codeine in it and we use it for emergencies. It is not his regular fever medication, but when fevers soar so close to 40, I am completely comfortable using something that works for us.


Today is my grandfather’s birthday. He would of been 72. I still miss him so much. Very much. I remember the last birthday he was still with us. It was a Sunday. They called him up to the altar at church and the congregation sang for him. I stood at the back of the church and cried. I knew it would be his last birthday with us. The doctors had already told him there was nothing more that they can do for him. 5 months and 4 days after that day he was gone. I called my grandmother earlier to see how she is doing. I think she forgot it is his birthday. She didn’t mention it. She is still prone to cry when she thinks of him, understandably so. I didn’t have the heart to remind her. I wasn’t even there to comfort her. So I just checked how she was and she says she is doing fine. I have been okay today. Although I have found myself on the verge of tears each time I think about it. I have managed not to break down into the ugly cry. So time heals our hearts. As Leebeesa said, my Oupa wouldn’t want me to be sad. He would want me to remember him fondly. I know that. It is easier said than done sometimes though and my heart still aches and my eyes still leak.


The pregnancy is going well I suppose. There is always that uncertainty between gynae appointments and actually seeing the baby and how much it has grown and how it has developed. I still suffer from all day sickness most every day. I cannot stand the smell of coffee and won’t attempt to drink it. I have a bad taste in my mouth all the time, which contributes to my nausea and I find that sucking a sweet helps me feel better temporarily. Not great for the hips. I don’t do ginger. I know it is supposed to help, but it doesn’t for me. On Friday I will be 10 weeks, hopefully just two more weeks of nausea to suffer through. My tummy has popped out. Strangely the part of my stomach above my belly button, nowhere near where my uterus is at the moment. Maybe it’s the sweets!


To end off…this is what is happening while I am getting ready for work in the mornings (I get up the earliest):


Buggers. Cute buggers.