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Bye Bye 2009…

This is what I said about the end of 2008:


I bid this year farewell with great joy. I cannot wait to leave it behind. I had high hopes for 2008 as well:

2007 has been a really good year for me. I got married and progressed very well at work. 2007 exceeded my expectations. I hope that 2008 will do the same and more.

So much for that. So many people died this year, got sick this year and had terrible things happen to them. I am glad it’s over. I could almost erase this year from my life without regret.




2009 may have started with much grief and sadness, but has ended with much to be excited about. It doesn’t mean it’s been an easy year though. My Evil Mother has really been through the ringer and she likes to spread the misery. I’ve had to make some hard decisions and have had to be willing to enforce them.  My grandfather’s cancer is still hanging around, but he is willing to go for treatment and go through hell to survive and I really admire him for that.


Work has been tough. Working for Jubba is no picnic and there has been zero career progress this year. I guess you can’t win every year. Probably won’t win next year either since I’ll be at home for half of it 🙂


All in all…2009 hasn’t been too bad, except for the family issues…2010 my life will change forever and I cannot wait!