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Bridal Nails with Hean Wedding Garden Collection – 639

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Hi everyone! Today is the final post of the Bridal Nails series using the Hean Wedding Collection polishes which I purchased from Glamore Cosmetics. Today I’ll be showing you 639 which is a very sheer peach jelly polish. I knew the moment I swatched this on my wheel that it was going to be too sheer to layer to opacity. Let me show you the swatches.

Hean Wedding Garden 639 swatch

Hean Wedding Garden 639 swatch

Shown above is 4 coats over a base coat with no top coat. I had no application issues at all and the polish dried well, even 4 coats in. As you can see it dries with a gorgeous shine, even without top coat. Even though I top coat everything, that is a huge plus for those who do not. Regular readers of my blog know that I don’t like visible nail line, despite that I think this is actually gorgeous! A subtle french if you will, without the added effort 😉 It is also a good neutral shade that would be good if you want to tone your nails down for an occasion. It is also a nice palette for some nail art. I knew using a glitter over this would obscure the visible nail line, but since I’ve already used glitter in one of these posts, I went with flakies this time.

Hean Wedding Garden 639 Bridal Nails

Hean Wedding Garden 639 Bridal Nails

I used my usual Tip Top base coat and painted 4 coats of 639 over that. I layered 1 coat of the flakie side of Revlon Satellite from the Moon Candy collection over that and sealed it all in with a coat of Dashing Diva Top Seal. I really liked this polish with and without the flakies. It is just so soft and feminine. It feels so strange for me to say that since I think visible nail line just makes it look like you didn’t bother to do enough coats to cover it, but I’m willing to admit this is an exception!

What do you think of this polish? Do you mind visible nail line? Please let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to purchase 639, click here. You can find Glamore Cosmetics on their other social media channels too:





I really hope you have enjoyed this series 🙂