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Breastfeeding – 9 months in

He loves his sister

How precious is this picture? My beautiful boy and his sister <3 Melts my heart!


PrincessIce is 9 months old already! She seems pretty excited about it!


9 months old!


I’m still breastfeeding PrincessIce. Never in a million years would I have imagined breastfeeding a baby for so long. I have learnt so much about breastfeeding and so many myths have been debunked for me. I had heard some of them so many times that I believed they must be true. I think that is why so many people fail at breastfeeding. Our families, friends and colleagues (although they mean well sometimes) also put pressure on breastfeeding mothers to wean/start on solids/supplement and many more. I have faced these pressures myself, but have always had a soft place to fall with La Leche League. No matter how many times I was made to feel I was doing the wrong thing, I could always go to my LLL leader (Kim) and she would calm my fears and give me evidence based information to assure me that I am, in fact, doing the right thing. Once a month I can attend a meeting where nobody looks at me like I’m an alien for breastfeeding my baby.


For me breastfeeding was never about me, it has always been about PrincessIce and her needs. At the moment there is no end in sight and I am okay with that. I could not imagine refusing to feed or comfort PrincessIce at my breast. It is also really convenient for me. Having bottle fed and breastfed a child I can say from experience that breastfeeding is so much easier. Yes, it is hard in the beginning, but with the right support the large majority of women can do it. Yes, I still sterilize and wash bottles (from my pumping equipment), but not nearly as many as I used to. Also, I may be able to quit pumping when PrincessIce is around a year old (my goodness! That is SOON!). That’s a total of around 7 months of pumping if you exclude the majority of my maternity leave. A lot less washing and sterilizing than with an exclusively bottle fed baby. Because we co-sleep I get a LOT more sleep than I did with Babyice. No getting up for night feeds. What a pleasure.


Feeds have become a lot shorter as PrincessIce feeds more efficiently and a lot less frequent too. Sometimes she will moan, literally take a few sips and be happy again, she just quenches her thirst. If she gets hurt or is upset, latching on immediately soothes her. Best mothering tool, EVER. I was told the day would come where she wasn’t permanently attached to my breast and I couldn’t believe it then, but it was true.


So our journey continues and we grow together. Each feed is a special time for just the two of us and I need to remind myself constantly to treasure it because it will be over one day. I hope that it won’t end too soon, I am still loving the closeness and exclusivity of our relationship and I selfishly want to keep her to myself for just a little bit longer.


She is sick (again) at the moment. Ear and throat infection. Of course after I bragged about how healthy she is she has made it her mission to make me a liar. At midnight she was burning up and I gave her our last suppository. She then got rid of it about 3 minutes after I administered it. I gave her oral medication. I tried to calm her by feeding her and she bit me. Hard. I cried. It really hurt. Rudi said ‘Well then you must just put her on the bottle!’. For just a moment, it became about me and I considered it, but just as quickly as the thought entered my mind it left again. She is unwell, she is in pain…her ears and her throat hurt and I’m trying to put something in her mouth that will require her to swallow. I get it. I know a lot of women draw the line at biting and will stop breastfeeding because of it, but there are ways to deal with it and I will explore those first. She has never bitten me maliciously or mischievously. Onwards and upwards!


I don’t know myself anymore! I have turned into a breastfeeding, baby wearing and co-sleeping mother. I never would of thought!