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Breaking Fevers

Sheesh. Gabrielle is really putting us through our paces as parents!


She started with a fever again last week Thursday and on Friday morning it had jumped to over 39°. There was no way either of us could stay home from work, so I had to send her to the day mother and made a doctor’s appointment for her for after work. We toddled off to the doctor and came back with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. Not even a full week back at the day mother and she is sick again. She seems quite prone to picking things up. He also gave us an immune booster (Zinplex) to try and help her fight off the bugs. I asked him how long we should wait before bringing her in and he said if we were worried to always bring her in. If we had waited another two days (after the weekend) she would have been a LOT worse. We stopped to get some take away on our way home and I could see that she didn’t look well at all. Almost like she was about to lose consciousness. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was falling asleep (as we were in the car) or if it was something else. The doctor had not taken her temperature when he examined her and didn’t show any concern. When I took her temp when we got home it was 40°. While we were at the doctor she didn’t even really feel warm, so it must have elevated rather quickly. My thermometer has never shown a temp that high before. Elijah never went there. We worked quickly to get her temp down. Of course she is vomiting up her antibiotics again. She makes herself sick before the spoon even gets to her mouth. I’m not sure what to make of that. It seems like she is being “naughty”. I know the antibiotics taste shit, but puking before you’ve even tasted them? I don’t know.


On Saturday night we all went to bed and around midnight she started getting restless and crying. I tried to feed her, but she didn’t want to drink. I felt that she was quite warm and decided to take her temperature. 40.4°! I’ve never shot out of bed so fast. I stripped her down, gave her a suppository and ran a tepid bath. Her skin was so hot it felt like it was burning my hands when I touched her. She has been screaming at bath time for about a week. I’m not quite sure why, but bathing her has been trying. She stayed relatively calm for this bath though. I wet her hair and kept pouring the tepid water over her. We fed her some paracetamol and ice cream and within 45 minutes we had brought her temperature back down to 37°.  That was freaking scary! We watched her very carefully after that and started medicating proactively. I’m so glad we took her to the doctor when we did, otherwise we would have ended up in the emergency room for sure. 


She seems to be a bit better. At least when she is at the day mother the administration of antibiotics shifts to her. I seriously dread medicine time. The day mother usually has much better luck than us, but on Monday first thing the antibiotics came back up. She had a little more success the second time around. She also has to eat before she takes the antibiotics and it is always fun wondering if you’re going to see her meal again. Not.  The day mother has also been instructed to give her fever meds on a 4 hourly basis, alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen. I think we’ll give her a suppository at night when we go to bed until she has completed her antibiotics. I might not have a medical degree, but it feels like I’ve got the hang of this medicating thing. I can tell you breaking that fever of over 40° felt like such an achievement! Scary as it was, we did it! Even though neither of my children has ever had a convulsion from fever, it is always a risk and I am very afraid of it happening. Gabby is clearly in a league of her own with her hotness, so I’ll be sure to be extra careful with her.


I’m really hoping the immune booster is going to make a difference and help her feel better and stay healthy. She’s developed an ugly rash on her face, probably from the antibiotics. Poor baby looks like she has been through the wars with mosquito bites, a bruise on her cheek (thanks to her brother) and now this rash on her face.  I wish I could just make her better already!