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Bornprettystore Ongle Liner Nail Art Brush Review

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Hi everyone! Today I have the bornprettystore (affiliate link) Ongle Liner Nail Art Brush review for you. While I was waiting on this brush to arrive, I knew that I was going to need to freehand something for the review. Eek. Freehand is not my strong suit, so I was pretty nervous. I spotted a mani on Instagram that I absolutely loved and sent it to my friend via direct message on Instagram so I could keep it somewhere until it was time to do the mani. When the brush arrived, I went back to the direct messages only to find that the photo had been deleted. I went to search for it on Pinterest, hoping I would find it there to credit the original artist. I didn’t find the original photo that I saw, but I did find the same mani created by stephstonenails, so I’ll be crediting her as I cannot for the life of me remember who posted the photo that I saw. While searching for this mani I realized that it is inspired by the series Pretty Little Liars. I’ve only watched the first season of the show. I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan, but I am definitely a fan of this design. Let me show you how it turned out.

Pretty Little Liars Nail ArtPretty Little Liars Nail ArtPretty Little Liars Nail Art

I started off with a base coat to protect my nails. I painted 2 coats of Revlon Gel Envy Sure Thing on my index, middle and pinkie nails and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black on my ring nail. I then slathered latex around all of the white nails as I as going to attempt platter and I knew it is a messy business. I have failed at splatter nail art before, so I thought I would try it with a toothbrush as it made sense to me that this would work and be easier. After covering my entire index finger in red polish and barely getting a fine spray onto my nails, I decided to attempt it with a straw again. Success! I think what I did wrong before with the straw was simply not putting enough polish on the end of the straw. I did end up with huge blotches of polish on some of my nails, but I really liked it. At this point I put on a coat of Seche Vite as some of the red splatter was rather thick and I didn’t want to drag it when I painted the lettering. Once the top coat was dry I used the nail art brush and black acrylic paint over the white nails as well as red acrylic paint over the black nail to spell out LIAR. This brush is super thin and very easy to work with. When I was testing it on paper I was able to get super thin lines which I have never been able to do with the nail art brushes that I own. I did have a little trouble with my black acrylic paint, it was a bit goopy and difficult to mix with such a thin and flexible brush.

I was really impressed with this brush and absolutely obsessed with this mani! I actually feel like freehanding something else soon, just because I have this awesome brush to do it with! If you would like to buy this you can purchase it here. The brush comes in an awesome plastic tube that you can store it in to protect it. This is what it looks like:

bornprettystore Ongle Liner Nail Art Brush
*image courtesy of bornprettystore.com

I think this is my favourite nail art of the year so far and definitely in my all time top 10. I absolutely adored this mani and you best believe every time I thought someone was lying to me I flashed it to them. LOL. I would really love to hear your thoughts on this mani in the comments below. Don’t forget you can use my discount code to get 10% off non discounted items from bornprettystore 🙂

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