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Bornprettystore Clear Stamper Review

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bornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewHi everyone! Today I’m reviewing the bornprettystore clear jelly stamper pictured above. As you can see you receive a stamper and a scraper with your purchase. The clear stampers took the nail art world by storm a while ago and I really wanted to try one out. I had not gotten around to ordering one yet, so I jumped at the chance of reviewing one. I knew it was already on it’s way to me and I was seeing a lot of people posting about problems picking up images with the clear stampers, but I wasn’t sure if the stampers they were struggling with were from bornprettystore as they are stocked elsewhere too. So when I received mine I was both excited and nervous. Before creating my mani, I did a few tests to see how it picks up images. For all the swatches below I used MoYou London black stamping polish. Here are the results:bornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewAs you can see the stamper does pick up images well. I didn’t prime it at all since this would cloud the stamping head and defeat the purpose. I did wipe it down with acetone once. This is not recommended for any stamper, but I have had success with this once before with a marshmallow stamper and wanted to see if it made a difference. It didn’t. Although itĀ picks up images well, as with any other stamper it does depend on the plate/polish/stamper combination. I also found that some trial and error worked well. At times I couldn’t pick up an image, but changing my scraping direction and pressure made a difference. It did fail to pick up some images that I was able to pick up with another stamper, but this is pretty standard for any stamper that I’ve worked with. The stamper is 2.8 cm in diameter and is squishy. It is not firm, nor marshmallow, but somewhere in between.bornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewThe reason these stampers are so popular is that it can really help you line up your stamping and place your images exactly where you want them. I think my stamping skills are intermediate at best, so this is beneficial to me. I’ve seen pros line up stamping like a boss even without a clear stamper and always been jealous, now I have an ace up my sleeve šŸ˜‰ Of course a clear stamper like this called for a mani that needed specific placement and I couldn’t think of a better way to showcase this than a double stamped mani. Let me show you what I came up with.bornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper reviewbornprettystore clear jelly stamper review

I started off with a base coat to protect my nails. I used 2 coats of Hean 641 (press sample) as a base. Once that was dry I started stamping. I used images from PUEEN 39 and PUEEN 46. I used small images specifically because these would be the ones that would normally need specific placement. I will also definitely be using this stamper when I want to stamp geometric images that need to be perfectly straight. I wanted to create a garden themed butterfly mani and I think I managed to do just that. There was still a bit of empty space around the images once I was done stamping, but no images small enough to fill up the space without overlapping the stamping that was already there. When in doubt, add glitter! So I used a glitter topper from Sally Hansen called Samba. I picked out the glitter and placed it in the empty spaces. It is a very sparse topper, but I didn’t want any of the glitter over the stamping so I chose to place it instead of painting it directly onto my nails. After all the stamping and glitter placement I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite.

Stamping polishes used are all from M Polish (gifts):

Pish Plashin’ Around (blue)

Dancing in theĀ Streets (purple)

Hottie (orange)

Fresh Perspective (pink)

I Need a Vacation (red)

Get Lost (green)

Would I recommend this stamper? I certainly would! It is the same size and just as squishy as my bornprettystore XL stamper which totally changed my stamping game. When I store my stampers I usually just turn the head the wrong way around and stick it in my drawer with other supplies, but I’ve sealed this head in a small plastic bag to protect it from scratching and obscuring my view of the images picked up. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these, you can purchase itĀ here. I’ve posted my discount code below for 10% off your purchases (if not already discounted).Born Pretty DiscountI would really love to hear your thoughts on this mani and the clear stampers in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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