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Born Pretty Store Review – Rhinestones

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Hi everyone! Today I have a Born Pretty Store review for you 🙂 Today I’ll be reviewing some rhinestones from their store. I mention Born Pretty Store all the time on my blog. It is my one stop shop for nail paraphernalia. They seriously have everything you can think of. I have more studs than I’ll probably ever use, dotting tools, decals…you name it! I digress. Let me show you the wheel:

bornprettystore rhinestone review

I really love the great selection available here. There are 400 x 2 mm rhinestones in total. Normally when I purchase rhinestones they come in a wheel that you just have to turn to line up the opening in the plastic with the segment you need. This wheel was a little different and I found myself stumped. My nails were wet and I didn’t want to scatter rhinestones all over the place, so I was being really careful, but I just couldn’t tell how to open it. I handed it to my husband who immediately figured out that you just need to slide the clear plastic to the side to open up all the segments. I felt like such an idiot! Now at least you don’t have to if you come across a wheel that opens this way. Yes. I’m blonde. LOL. I created a mani using them and thought I would move outside of my comfort zone and use rhinestones that I would not normally see myself using. This is what I came up with:

bornprettystore rhinestone review

bornprettystore rhinestone review

I started off with my usual Tip Top base coat to protect my natural nails. I painted 3 coats of Omega Emerald Isle. I applied a top coat and used that to secure the rhinestones while it was still wet and then sealed it all in with another generous layer of Dashing Diva Top Seal to keep the rhinestones in place. I was a bit worried about the star rhinestones annoying me and getting caught on things because of where I placed them, but this was not a problem at all. All the rhinestones stayed in place for several days as I went about my normal daily life. You can purchase this wheel by clicking here. If you are not registered with Born Pretty Store, you can use my affiliate link to register by clicking here. Don’t forget I also have a discount code you can use 🙂

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