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Bon Jovi

We booked our tickets for Bon Jovi in October last year. I couldn’t believe it when the day rolled around. It just seemed to happen so fast. PrincessIce was still swimming in my tummy when we decided we would go!

This would also be the first time I left Rudi alone with both kids. I had pumped breast milk for the occasion and had a special bag of frozen breast milk marked “Bon Jovi” in the freezer. Rudi was briefed on how to feed. From the day before the concert I started developing separation anxiety about being away from PrincessIce for so long. I was tearful and in two minds about going, but I sucked it up.

Sanita came to fetch me. We waited together for Rudi to get home from work. I was sure I was going to cry as we left, but somehow we became so hurried I was out the door in a flurry and the tears didn’t come. Perhaps I had cried them out during the day. We went to pick up Sanita’s husband and were then off to fetch their friends that were joining us.

Of course the buses would be on strike the only time I ever decide to attend a concert, so we would have to hoof it from wherever we parked. Our employer has a building in the CBD so Sanita arranged parking there. We assumed the waterfront would already be full by the time we got there. Traffic into town was a bit of a drag, but it didn’t take too long for us to get to our parking spot. I dreaded the walk, but luckily I was wearing comfortable shoes (thanks Sanita) and made it to the stadium without passing out. We were definitely not alone making our way to the concert, but there weren’t as many people as I was expecting on the streets. Arriving at the venue the girls decided to use the loo. There were about 8 portable toilets outside and after attempting two I decided I would rather wait till we were inside. The queues to get inside moved swiftly. My boobs were briefly felt up before my ticket was scanned and in we went. Inside there were LOADS of clean, well lit toilets. I was really happy I had waited! Again here the queues moved really fast! I was quite impressed with the facilities and the organization of getting in and out of the stadium. We made such good time walking to the venue that we had over an hour before the concert started. We bought some really over priced snacks from the vendors walking around while we waited. At first I thought I had no signal at the stadium, but was rather impressed to see the 4G symbol on my phone for the first time after having my phone out of my pocket for a while. I was messaging Rudi and was dismayed to find out he had already used half the milk I left for them before the concert even started! He seemed to be doing OK otherwise though and by the time the show started I wasn’t worried and could enjoy myself.

The band played quite a few songs I didn’t know, including the first two singles from their latest album. Thankfully they also played their old stuff, which had me on my feet screaming singing along. Hearing ‘Bed of roses’ live was surreal! I also really enjoyed their performance of ‘Bad Medicine’. I must say I really missed Rudi while they were singing the really romantic songs and I was sad he wasn’t there. At some point he said ‘I might not be as cute as Justin Bieber or be able to dance like Justin Timberlake, but I’ve been around longer than both of them put together’. Then they said goodnight and the stage went dark. People started to leave. After a few minutes they came back on and started singing again. After almost every song they said goodbye/thank you/goodnight and eventually we also started walking away, confused about when it was over. At that point they hadn’t done ‘Living on a prayer’ or ‘Always’ and I was a bit disappointed. The show went on while we were walking away and eventually Sanita and I went back to watch the aforementioned songs, but we were standing behind other people who had done the same. That sucked a bit, but by the end of the night I had heard all the songs I wanted to, although I’m sure ‘Always’ would of been super special if I was still in my seat.

We started heading back to the car and somehow deviated from the main route and ended up boxed into a parking lot of sorts with no way out but to backtrack. Instead of doing that the boys decided we should just scale a fence. Yup. We climbed over a wall/fence. Or rather the guys dragged the girls over it. I haven’t don’t that since I was a teenager! I’m really getting too old for these kind of shenanigans. After a long walk on a dark road we finally got back to the main road through the waterfront and stopped for coffee. It was really lovely, but we didn’t pause long before departing for the car again.

Here are some of the pictures I took (We sat in the first few rows of seated tickets behind the general standing tickets):

Filling up
Bon Jovi
The crowd goes wild

By the time I got home shortly after 1 AM I thought my boobs were going to explode and I was grateful PrincessIce was awake to offer me some relief. She had just woken up and they even had some milk left over! It took me quite a few feeds to get rid of the pain. My legs were sore for about 3 days after from the walking. I really should get back to gym!

All in all it was a great experience and I’m really glad I went.