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“Stolen” from Angelsmind 🙂


You Are Nurturing and Noble

You are a down to earth and optimistic person. You see things how they are and hope for the best.You believe that the world can be a better place, and it’s your job to never give up the fight.You have high standards for yourself and those you respect. You can be a perfectionist.If someone is down on their luck, you can be very compassionate. You guide and teach those who need you most.



You Are Pop Rock

You are a happy, optimistic person. You find a lot of joy in life.You like music that’s easy to sing along to, dance to, or listen to.You tend to like things that are modern and trendy. You’re not a snob, and to be honest, you can’t stand snobbery of any kind.

You like songs that are catchy. Your favorite songs stick in your head for years.


You Are a Ponytail

You are energetic, laid back, and a lot of fun. You are ready for whatever life throws at you.Your idea of style is looking presentable. You prefer simple, well fitting, and neat clothes.At your best, you are productive, inspiring, and full of live. You love to be active.

At your worst, you are hyperactive and frenzied. Sometimes it’s hard for you to calm down.


Your Name is Black

Your name tells people that you are serious and sophisticated. Your name makes you seem like a total mystery.You are elegant and a bit apart from everyone else. You are much more formal than those around you.People see you as smart and together. You also come off as a bit eccentric, and others respect that you are different from them.

You can adapt well to most situations, but you never feel like you truly fit in anywhere.


You Should Get an Abstract Tattoo

Artistic and uniqueYou’re the most likely type to personally design your tattoo

You Are An Attention Seeker

You’re only human, so you can’t help but want a little attention every now and then.

You love the spotlight, but only when it’s well deserved. You’d hate to be known for the wrong thing.

And you also don’t mind sharing the spotlight. You can easily give someone else credit or a complement.

You know there’s enough attention to go around, and it makes you happy when your friends shine.You come across as: Friendly and interesting

People may wrongly think you’re: A little more modest than you actually are!