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Big Huggies News!

I was lucky enough to snag an invite to the launch of the latest innovation from Huggies. They called me up and asked if I would be willing to fly to Johannesburg for the day to join them for the launch. The invitation was a teaser in itself with just a hint that there was Big Huggies News on the way. How could I possibly decline?


huggies P gold boys girl logo
Image courtesy of Sabio Communications


Since the event was a breakfast I knew I would have to get up really early to fly up. As luck would have it, Gabby decided that 2 AM was play time and only fell asleep again at 3:45 AM, just 15 minutes before I had to get up to start getting ready. Luckily the flight schedule meant that Rudi could take me to the airport and collect me without it interfering with work and our day mother was an angel and agreed to take the kids early and keep them late. So we dragged the poor woman out of bed before 5 AM and went on our way to the airport. Check in went smoothly and before I knew it I was on the plane where I ran into the other ladies from Cape Town who were invited. There were four of us and I could really not have asked for better company. The flight felt really short as we nattered all the way to Johannesburg. Our shuttle driver was waiting for us when we landed and whisked us off to the Sci-Bono Science Centre.


In true Capetonian fashion we arrived late to the event, but luckily we didn’t miss anything. We were greeted by a bubble machine (how cool!) balloons, and coffee. Just what we needed to wake us up! We also passed our goodie bags on the way in.


Goodie Bags


On our table we found milkshakes and experiment boxes! When we were booked for the science center and they mentioned we would be experimenting I just knew that we would be pouring liquid into nappies at some point during the event. I wasn’t wrong.


Experiment Boxes


They did a short presentation and then the fun began. But first, an excerpt from the press release:


Huggies® is always looking for ways to refine our product offering”, says Li-Anne Hide, Senior Brand Manager for Huggies®.  “Top of mind is always finding the most effective means of keeping your little one’s skin dry, focussing on ways to maximise the rate of liquid absorption and provide an optimal overall comfort for him/her. Taking all these criteria into account, we are proud to introduce our driest nappy yet – Huggies® Gold for Boys and Girls with an innovative DryTouchTM liner.”

The DryTouchTM liner quickly draws in wetness away from your baby and distributes the fluid evenly inside the core.  This means that with the new and improved Huggies® Gold for Boys and Girls your baby will be dry in just seconds, so you are assured that you are doing the best for your baby. The state-of-the-art DryTouchTM liner is ultra-soft for ultimate skin protection, and together with the new softer and more flexible waistband, provides an enhanced experience in nappy comfort.

The nappies still provide special tailored absorption, accommodating the differences between boys and girls, with the unique Huggies® Gold nappy shape, made to fit like underwear to facilitate extra contentment. And to delight you and your tiny tot even further, the soft, breathable outer cover design is getting a new set of exclusive Disney© pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, giving your little one the best in style and comfort.

Available at major retailers, Huggies® Gold for Boys and Girls comes in four sizes: size 3 (6 – 10 kg); size 4 (8 – 14 kg); size 4+ (12 – 16 kg) and size 5 (15+ kg). The product is on offer in a bag and a megabox.

The new Huggies nappy was placed at an angle stretched out on a clipboard next to a competitor nappy which was set up in the same way. Our lovely demonstrators poured liquid into both nappies at the same time:


Very Scientific Demonstration


I was AMAZED! The new Huggies nappy sucked the liquid in before it could even reach the middle. The other nappy did absorb some of the liquid, but also allowed the liquid to run down onto the table. In fact, an hour later the competitor nappy still had droplets on the surface of the nappy that didn’t absorb. Yes, the droplets probably would have absorbed if you applied pressure to them (as there would be when a baby is wearing the nappy), but it spoke volumes of how amazing the new Huggies technology is.  We had our own set of nappies set up and got to do the experiment ourselves. After pouring a few vials of water into them the results were the same. Then one of the Huggies representatives came to pour most of a bottle of water into the Huggies nappy at our table (which already had water in it) and not a drop spilled. I decided to try and do the same with the competitor nappy (which also already had water in it) and the majority of the water ran straight off the surface of the nappy and wet our table. The proof was right there.


We were also able to preview the new Huggies advert which aired on national TV this past weekend. If you missed it, you can watch it here.


Cute as ever, right? While at the presentation they used their usual tagline ‘Our driest nappy ever’. I’m usually very skeptical about advertising, but in this particular instance it is SPOT ON! This nappy absorbs so quickly right before your eyes. I came back to work raving about this new innovation from Huggies. I was just really very impressed! I still am! Also just something to note, the Huggies Gold for boys and girls currently have the special absorption areas coloured blue to indicate where they are. In the re-launch the colour has been removed, but the targeted absorption is still built into the nappies. Look out for the new packs in stores:


Huggies Size 3 Boys
Image courtesy of Sabio Communications
Huggies Size 3 Girls
Image courtesy of Sabio Communications


On our tables were were also given some stickers to decorate our milkshake bottles with. This was my feeble attempt:


Baby Milkshake


Some of the other ladies really created some very cute ones! The food was also out of this world! I only managed to take pics after the food was tucked into by some of the guests (thanks to our late arrival), but you get the general idea 😛


Periodic Table Petit Fours
Breakfast bites
Macaroon Tower!

Can I just say that the macaroons were TO DIE FOR?! They really were! Our guest speaker for the day was Riaad Moosa. Actor, comedian and qualified medical doctor. He did a wonderful comedy routine which had us in stitches! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt! I really, really enjoyed watching him and will definitely make a point of following his work in the future. Some of the Sci-Bono employees also showed us a few quick experiments which was loads of fun. All too soon the event was over.


The flight back was also pleasant, although there was a little less nattering since the early wake up had started catching up to all of us. I was kind of bummed that the day was over. I was really enjoying the company of my travelling companions. It was really a lovely day and I am so excited to try these new nappies.


There is also something exciting coming from Huggies around August, so keep your eyes on the press for more innovation from them! I would like to thank Huggies for having me for the day and giving me the opportunity to share their exciting news. Their PR company was fantastic at keeping me in the loop with all the travel arrangements and everything went off without a hitch. Thanks guys at Sabio!


 Disclosure: My flights to this event were covered by Huggies PR company. I received product samples and a gift bag for one of my children when I attended this event. I was not asked to write about the event in exchange for these. I have provided an honest review.