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Big Boy Bed!

This weekend was a very expensive one for me. As mentioned before, we decided to put Babyice into a “big boy bed” hoping that it might alleviate some of his trouble sleeping.


The bed itself wasn’t too expensive since we bought it from someone advertising it on gumtree. All the costs starting adding up though:


  • Bed – R300
  • Linen – R820
  • Mattress – R600
  • Bed bumper – R250

That might not seem too bad, but while we were buying the bed bumper Rudi talked me into buying a new car seat/booster seat for him as well, another R1500 PLUS I had to replace the curtains that Babyice and Amber “accidentally” ruined (R400):


Ripped much?


You see, Babyice thought it might be fun to pull Amber’s tail and Amber thought it might be safer up on the curtains. I didn’t even scold them. I don’t think Babyice understood the consequence of his action and Amber was just doing what comes naturally to her. So now I have new curtains as well.


It was a hectic Saturday. I came home from work and we were off to collect the bed on the West Coast. It was a nervous drive home since we don’t have a roof rack or anything, so we just strapped it onto the roof of the car with some rope and I hung onto it while we drove home, slowly. We then went to drop it off at home and collect Babyice from his grandfather’s house so we could buy some bedding for him. I wanted him to pick out his own bedding, to try to make it fun for him and make him feel important. He wasn’t really interested in picking his own bedding. I put down three options in front of him (they didn’t really have much more) and he sort of pointed at the one design and then ran off elsewhere. He is completely obsessed with Finding Nemo at the moment, but it is such an old movie there isn’t really any themed bedding anywhere anymore. I did, however, find bedding with a little boat, some fish and a seagull on it (this was what he pointed at). It wasn’t inexpensive, but it was something he recognizes and can relate to. When we put it on the bed he pointed at it and said ‘fishies’, ‘duckie’ (seagull, all birds are duckies) and ‘mimmo’ (Nemo), so I was pretty happy we bought it. I think the reason that specific one was more expensive is because of the detailing and the fish that are made from a satin fabric that are sewn onto the bottom, “under the sea”.


We rushed to get everything ready before bedtime. By the time we were done the bed was ready, but the rest of the room was in shambles. We had to do some serious re-arranging and had to cart a lot of extra stuff standing in the room off to the in laws. I swear they have a house full of our stuff stored in their wendy house. He loves the new bed! He spent a lot of Sunday jumping on it and throwing himself down on it:


Big Boy!



Bumper down



We’ve started restricting the dummy (pacifier) for sleep time only now too. The form of sleep training we’re trying now is for him to drink his bedtime bottle in bed and to sit with him and ‘shhhh’ and ‘doe doe’ until he goes to sleep. It is very time consuming at the moment, but I’m hoping that we will be able to give him his bottle and walk away soon.


He has been taking the medication for the past 6 days and tonight we will be going without it. Also for the past 6 days we have refrained from giving him any bottles during the night. This morning, *someone* threw a spanner into the works again. He woke up at 02:48 and as it was Rudi’s turn to get up I just said to him to give Babyice water if he asks for a bottle. Apparently he refused the bottle and after about two or three more minutes of crying Rudi gave up and gave him a bottle. *facepalm* All that hard work down the bloody drain!  Rudi was impressed that he gave him the bottle and was able to walk away and come back to bed; Babyice put himself back to sleep. We have recently started making him drink his bottle by himself. He is just plain spoilt. Before he used to “make” us hold him in our arms and hold his bottle for him. ENOUGH of that crap! He is old enough to do it himself! Rudi doesn’t seem to comprehend that Babyice still woke up and made him get out of bed and make a bottle for him, even though he didn’t need it. Just because he drank the bottle by himself and went back to sleep doesn’t make it right. Just because it’s easier/better doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do *sigh*.


I’ve scheduled a braai with another couple this weekend. I have a partner in crime. A guy friend of mine (who first recommended sleep training to me) will hopefully talk some sense into Rudi’s head about it paying off, etc. Let’s see how it goes.