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Bestie Twin Nails with Pish Posh Polish





Hi everyone! Today I have a Bestie Twin Nails post with none other than the fabulous Pish Posh Polish! Pish and I met on  Facebook in a nail group. Pish regularly does Twin Nail posts and I was so flattered when she asked me if I would like to do one with her. Excited and super nervous. Pish is an amazingly talented nail artist and I have huge insecurity issues. Pish suggested what we should do. Poor woman was limited to my available collection. As she is in the US she has easy access to so many gorgeous indies and polishes I can only dream of having, so we really had to work around what I have available. We did the best we could.Nimbus Butterfly Wing Nail Art

I started off with my L.A. Girl base coat to protect my nails. I painted my middle and ring nail with 2 coats of essence wild white ways (gift from Coffee Couture). I am TOTALLY in love with this white! It went on like butter and gave beautiful coverage in just one coat. 1 coat was certainly enough as a base for nail art, but my OCD made me paint 2 anyway. On my pinkie and index I painted 2 coats of Revlon Girly (gift). Once my white bases were dry I tried to create Nimbus nail art using China Glaze Are You Jelly? and You Drive Me Coconuts. Nimbus nail art was invented by The Nailasaurus and you can find her tutorial here. Once I had achieved the look I wanted (sort of), I realized that Girly didn’t really match with the neons. The idea was to do jelly sandwiches on the pinky and index, so I found a solution. I painted a coat of You Drive Me Coconuts on my pinky over Girly. Luckily YDMC is a jelly, so it still retained the jelly sandwich look. On my index nail I covered Girly with a coat of Dollish Polish Purple Nurples. Over the Nimbus nails I used black acrylic paint and a striping brush to paint the butterfly wing design. I used white acrylic for the dots  on the bottom of the wings. Here are some solo shots of my nails:Nimbus Butterfly Wing Nail ArtNimbus Butterfly Wing Nail ArtI really hope you enjoyed this post. I know for sure Pish and I will be doing this again in the future. We would really love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

You can also find Pish on Instagram and Twitter 🙂