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On Sunday Babyice was baptised. The day before the baptism we left him in the care of my grandparents while we did our monthly grocery shop. I didn’t want to take him to a shopping centre just yet.

Shortly after coming home he started screaming blue murder. He continued to do so for almost an hour. Nothing we did seemed to help. Eventually I called @cazpi and she gave us some advice. Not long after implementing some of her suggestions, he slept. We were fearful we would get no sleep before the baptism and fall asleep in church. I feared he would scream during church and his baptism…which would be horrible. It’s terribly distracting. I’ve witnessed baptisms where this has been the case.

He proved us completely wrong! He slept like a champion on Saturday night and slept right through service and the baptism. He didn’t even cry when they put the water on his forehead. He was SUCH a good boy.

My grandfather had to take photos and we really didn’t get many. Only about four or five.

My Evil Mother was there and got to meet him for the first time. After service we had tea and cake at my in law’s house. She held him a bit and fed him. She behaved herself and even brought a small gift. She left early. Apparently Coke Head gave her a curfew. Suited me fine.

All in all we had a blessed day. It was wonderful!