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I wish I meant that figuratively. Having a child of the opposite gender can be challenging, especially when they suffer in a way that you cannot relate to.

Elijah complained of pain in his groin area on the way to the day mother the other day. Rudi checked him and noticed no redness or anything that raised a red flag, so he went off to the day mother and school as per normal. Later that afternoon I get a call from the day mother saying Elijah is crying in pain. She also examined the area and could not see anything alarming. It was very worrying that he was in so much pain though. He didn’t want to play with the other children because it was too sore. I asked her to administer pain meds and made a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor was glad that we brought him in as something like this should never be ignored. Torsion is a possibility and a very scary thing, so groin pain is a big red flag. Two doctors examined him and agreed that it wasn’t torsion, but likely a hernia. As it was already late in the day the doctor advised us to take him to hospital for a sonar to see what is going on inside, specifically with his left testicle as that was where the pain seemed to be radiating from.

Our medical aid is finished. We have started using the “extra” GP appointments we get over and above our savings, so we would have to pay for the scan. From there it would likely have been hospital, so no extra cost. The next morning, he claimed that it was no longer sore. We thought we would play it by ear and take him for the scan if the pain came back or continued. He went to school as normal and once he was back I checked with the day mother on a few occasions throughout the day and everything seemed 100% again.

This was rather a close shave. I was completely clueless about all these testicle afflictions, but have learnt a lot about balls in a short period of time. He likely got hurt somehow or took a knock and didn’t realize that is what had happened. I’m really glad we got it checked out, even if it turned out to be nothing.

Being faced with this I just realized that I cannot relate to him in this particular area at all. Luckily I could still connect with him on a compassionate and empathetic level. I could help him understand that we would do what we can to help him and make him better. For that, I am the best and while the physical pain has probably already been forgotten…I hope that he will remember that he can still come to me, even if we aren’t the same.