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Bad news

So my grandfather got the results from his tests. The cancer has not spread to his stomach, but he is going to die anyway. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do for him. Surgery is not an option. They can’t tell him how much time he has left. Maybe 3 months, maybe 6…perhaps even 12. Difficult to say. Chemo will only take away his quality of life. He doesn’t want to do it anymore and according to the doctors it won’t help anyway. So now we wait. We wait and watch him die. I cried a bit, but when I spoke to him I was calm. Talking about whether his affairs are in order and whether my grandmother will be taken care of…and if he has made sure My Evil Mother won’t get her grubby paws on any of his money since she has long since squandered her inheritance AND their livelihood. Grrrrr. Moving on…

Babyice is doing well, despite the fact that he was unable to get two of his immunizations due to a nationwide shortage both in the government and private sectors. He has had the first installment of these injections, so they say he won’t get sick as badly as he would of should he have had nothing. Terrible planning. These injections were only private until recently and now that they’ve put them on the government schedule, making them available to everybody, they have run out. I’m really happy that they’ve made it available to every mom, but they should have made provision for the demand. Now there are literally thousands of babies that will be going without because they didn’t foresee the how many people might want/need the injections. The Rotarix drops he is supposed to get protects againts the Rotavirus. Apparently it takes 8 months to produce it and he needs it before he is six months old, so basically, he won’t get it. I can just hope and pray that he also doesn’t get the virus.

I’ve sorted out his day mother for end of July. She is happy to take him and currently has 9 children with her, the youngest is 9 months, but the rest are all older. I’ll be able to leave a sterilizer and some bottles with her which will help not carting stuff back and forth. She is quite reasonable and since she looked after me when I was little I trust her and the environment he will be in.

We went to visit the other parents from our antenatal class again last Saturday. We were there SO late! My intention was to leave early so that they could bath their baby and get her to sleep peacefully the evening. It didn’t work out that way. The guys went out to play some darts/pool and only got back around 6PM. After that they started the fire, but we only ended up eating around 10:30PM! We had such a good time. We really enjoy their company and they are very accomodating and generous people. They got a bath ready and everything for Babyice, but he had just eaten and tends to vomit if you bath him straight after a feed. They let him sleep in their daughter’s cot and moved her back into their room for the night. It’s so comfortable there and we have such a lot in common right now. Since their baby is a little bit older than Babyice, C has lots of tips for me on what comes next. We discussed going onto solids which their baby will be doing very soon. It’s all so exciting! After Babyice has gone for his check up at the pediatrician I’ll be taking him to the clinic they go to for a feeding consultation. Their clinic exclusively deals with babies and they sound so much better than the one we go to. Before we left they also gifted us a TON of baby wipes they can’t use. They prefer a different brand and their daughter has a reaction to the brand they bought while pregnant. I won’t have to buy wipes for the rest of the year at least! We’re so grateful!

Not much else to report at the moment. We’re so busy right now…every weekend is booked. Literally till mid June we are busy every weekend and it just keeps filling up. I swear I’ll be exhuasted by the time I go back to work! It’s okay though. If Rudi and I have plans together he is less likely to escape on a Saturday afternoon to go out leaving me alone.

This morning when the domestic came in she decided to try and put Babyice on her back. We manouvered my sling (completely wrong, I’m 100% sure) and put him on there. He was SO happy on content! He later fell sleep there after sucking his fist and checking stuff out for quite some time. I’ve never heard him quiet for so long. I need to learn how to do this. Apparently the kango pouches are only up to 9kg and he is already almost 7…so I don’t think it will be worth it buying one now 🙁

P.S. She just walked in here again…she’s put him on her back (on her own) and is merrily cleaning the house. Dammit. I wish I could afford to employ her full time to look after him 🙁