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Bad luck

Sheesh we’ve had a run of bad luck lately. It’s just one thing after the other. Everything seems to be packing up and nothing comes cheap.

Our microwave, our fridge, the brakes on my car and most recently I stuffed up my laptop by cracking the screen. The microwave was R800.00. Our new fridge R6500.00 (I figured you don’t skimp on something that is going to last you 10 years or more) and the dealership wants to charge me R2500.00 to fix my brakes. FML.

I’m claiming from insurance for the laptop. I’m still waiting to hear from them whether they are going to repair the screen or whether they will be replacing the machine. They collected the machine from me on Monday. I still haven’t heard. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Whether it is good or bad. Honestly I’d love to have a new machine…and I hope that is the outcome, but if they fix it…well then I suppose I can’t complain. My laptop is really slow and old and I could really use an upgrade. I always thought if the LCD is cracked/broken it wouldn’t be worth fixing it, replacing it would be better, but I don’t think that it takes 3 days to decide that you’re going to replace it. It may, however, take 3 days to repair it…so who knows?

So yeah. Life is expensive for me at the moment. You would have thought that would be because I have a baby. Pffft. Not so.