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Babyice likes/dislikes

Babyice has developed his own little personality and his personal preferences are starting to shine through. We’ve started noticing certain things that he likes and dislikes, which are of course different to our own.


He is constantly going into a certain cupboard and fetching the container containing the uncooked spaghetti. He will *cry* for you to open it, because he wants some! He loves walking around munching on raw spaghetti. Strange child. He will go into the same cupboard and fetch himself some Otees. He loves this cereal. At first he didn’t like different variations and only wanted to eat the chocolate or custard flavour, but it seems he is now willing to gobble up the strawberry ones which he previously shunned. He fetched the box of Otees and will even get a spoon and bowl for you so that he can have some! Too cute. During the week he eats Weetbix by the day mother, so we like to give him ‘weekend cereal’ when he is with us. He can also eat it all by himself which is a big plus!Β  He has been asking to be put in his high chair every day now. It was standing gathering dust before and we wondered if we would ever use it, but it certainly is coming in handy now! We put the high chair in front of the TV and let him watch Barney while he eats. He barely messes too. Such a clever boy! Along with his likes we have noticed a couple of dislikes too. He doesn’t eat strawberries and corn! We made him a dish the other day that contained kernels of corn and he would put them in his mouth and spit them out. If offered a strawberry he will simply refuse!


His favourite song right now is most definitely ‘The wheels on the bus’ (go round and round). Whenever we see a bus on the road he looks at me and says ‘Bus! Ting!’ (ting = sing). He looks at me so expectantly and with such excitement, I sing every time πŸ™‚ Another song he urges me to sing along to is ‘Whose afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’, which plays on one of his DVDs. He sings words here and there, mostly ‘me’ and ‘too’ I’ve noticed. He tried his best. Yesterday while we were walking around the waterfront there was a man playing his guitar and singing ‘Have you ever seen the rain’ and Babyice started singing with! (well, pretending to sing with). He is at such a cute stage now.



We are completely baffled as to why he won’t eat at home. The day mother always says that he eats heartily when he is there and he will eat anything she gives him, but as soon as he gets home he doesn’t want to eat. No matter what food we make, he just doesn’t want to eat it. Unless we offer him junk food like cookies or chips, he just ignores our pleas for him to eat.Β  I suppose he will eat when he is hungry, but it is difficult to gauge when that is. Yesterday we were all sitting in the lounge and he was sitting in his chair with a bowl of Weetbix in front of him (he had declined Otees for some reason) and he refused to eat it. Rudi left the room to go and do something else and suddenly he picked up his spoon and started eating! Is he being defiant? What’s his deal? I told Rudi not to come back into the room until he stopped eating. We were just happy he got a few spoonfuls in. I warned the day mother that he would probably be sent back to her skinny next year πŸ˜›



Finding Nemo has taken a backseat to Barney. He LOVES Barney. In fact, we bought him a Barney themed gift, Nellie posted him a stuffed Barney from Port Elizabeth and Leebeesa gave him a Barney back pack for Christmas. He was thrilled with his Barney gifts!Β  He often carries the stuffed Barney with him and likes to play with the toy we got for him. We let him take the back pack with him when we go out and put his juice and sweets or whatever in there πŸ™‚ We have, however, managed to get him to expand his horizons a bit and he asks to watch Toy Story now too (we only have Toy Story 3). Barney is great and everything, but it does get quite boring and he has seen all the episodes so many times he walks away from the TV often. We have tried showing him other movies and DVDs too. I’m hoping that he’ll like to watch some ‘when when’ (penguin) movies soon, having seen them on his ‘Trip to the Zoo’ DVD and at the aquarium yesterday. We have Surf’s Up and Penguins of Madagascar.



Babyice has recently decided he doesn’t like to bath. He refuses to be undressed most nights and screams blue murder when you force the issue. Sometimes I invite him to remove his own clothes, he tries and then asks for help which smooths the process considerably. He tells you to take of his nappy when you’re down to it and as soon as you do he says ‘pee pee’…usually resulting in me grabbing him and dashing for the bathroom. He has wee’d on the carpeted floor before. It would seem obvious that undressing him in the bathroom would be the easiest solution to this problem, but running away from mommy at bath time is a fun game and I end up undressing him wherever I manage to corner him πŸ™‚



Someone taught Babyice to say ‘Knock knock’…but he doesn’t know any punchlines πŸ˜› He often says ‘knock knock’ and we respond with ‘whose there?’ and then he has no idea where to go from there. We took my cousin to the airport for her to go back to London on Monday night. We had agreed to do this ahead of time. At first I thought Babyice would fall asleep on the way to the airport and I realized later on that this would be quite unfortunate as he wouldn’t get a chance to see the planes. Luckily he managed to stay awake and boy was it exciting! We went to the Spur there and requested to sit by the window which has a great view of the aeroplanes taking off and parking. He was glued to the window most of the time we were there and was fascinated by the ‘airplanes’. When we left he kept asking ‘Where’s Carmen?’ and I told him that she was in an aeroplane. He looked at me and said ‘Up there? Sky?’. He seemed to have difficulty wrapping his head around the fact that Carmen was in an aeroplane in the sky. He was still asking where she was yesterday and then telling me she was in an ‘airplane’.



Just before Christmas we went to do our grocery shopping. We took two trolleys so that Babyice could stand in the one (he isn’t always fond of sitting by the handle) andΒ  second one for our groceries. We decided to buy another washing basket since we always seem to run out of space in the one we have and put it in Babyice’s trolley since it is very large. He insisted on getting into the basket and since it was quite safe we let him. Next thing we knew he was nodding off! We tilted the basket so that he can lie comfortably and he slept for the rest of our shopping trip. It was actually quite cool because there was no whining and wanting to be picked up. Other shoppers thought it was too dear and we got a lot of ‘Awww’ as we walked around finishing our trip around the shop:







Yesterday we took Babyice to the Two Oceans Aquarium. I’ll do a photo post about that as soon as I manage to download the photos from my camera. What I actually wanted to say is that we stopped at the restaurant where they have a kiddies play area. I took him there, watched him for a while to make sure everything was safe. They also had someone there watching the children. After standing there for about 10 minutes I felt okay leaving him there and I went back to our table. We ate in peace! He was so busy having fun there (we were at a table from where we could see the play room) he didn’t bother coming out at all! He did come to the table to request juice, his hair wet with sweat from running around, and then promptly ran back to the play room for more fun. It was the first time we were able to go to a restaurant with him and eat in peace since he was born!Β  It was really nice! Play areas FTW πŸ™‚