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Babyice is smart. Stubborn. BUSY. He is all over the place and everywhere. He is climbing on the arm of the couch and jumping off. Repeatedly. He has reached a stage of curiosity that I am trying very hard not to get irritated by. ‘Whose this?’ and ‘What’s this?’ being his two favourite questions right now. He’ll point and everything and ask one of the two. It’s actually very cute. It does get kind of tiring, but I know he is trying to learn and this is a phase I should encourage and answer the unending stream of questions. So I do. I answer him. I wonder why he’ll point at things he *knows* though. For example, he will point at me and say ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll say ‘Mommy’ and then he’ll point at Rudi and ask ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll answer ‘Daddy’, he’ll point at himself and say ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll say ‘Elijah’. If you point at him and ask him ‘Whose this?’ he will quickly answer you, ‘Ya-ya’. I suppose that his name does have a few consonants that could be difficult to pronounce. His friend at the day mother also used to pronounce his name that way when she was about the same age as he is now. Very cute! 🙂


Before he was born I bought him two books. The one is ‘My first 100 Animals’ and the other ‘My first 100 Colours, Opposites, Numbers and Shapes’. He loves them! They are colourful board books with photographs in and he loves paging through them and pointing at the pictures and mostly asking ‘What’s this?’. We also often ask him to point out certain things. If you point to a chocolate in the book (it looks like a slab) and ask him what it is he says ‘Kak’. I have no idea where he gets that from, but it makes me giggle every time.  He still calls pretty much any fish ‘Nemo’ and if you say ‘one’ he will respond with ‘two’, but if you say ‘three’ he says ‘two’ again. There is also a picture of 4 steel pet feeding bowls and when he points to that he says ‘Ambah’. He recognizes that they are the same bowls she eats from 🙂 He seems to call ‘sweets’ something that sounds like ‘pretty’ and a flower would be ‘wower’.


Now that mister is tall and strong enough to open the fridge he does so all the time. He knows full well that is where he can find his ‘Juice’ and ‘Mato’ (tomato). He *loves* tomato. Luckily we have some cherry tomatoes on hand which are easy for him to eat without making a big mess. He doesn’t particularly like a bigger tomato cut up, but gobbles the cherry tomatoes in a flash. He also loves cheese and often steals grated cheese from an unattended plate. He insists on feeding himself lately too, but if he gets lazy about it halfway through the process he will allow you to feed him. Sometimes he gets stubborn about being dressed as well, but mostly he will still let me dress him without a fight. He does say ‘All done!’ after each item of clothing I put on and then giggles when I say ‘Noooooo. Not all done’. When he finally is all done I ask for a kiss, receive one and then announce ‘All done!’. This makes him very happy 🙂


Nemo has taken a backseat to Barney for now. Excited squeals whenever Barney is seen are a clear indication that he is his favourite favourite right now. He does seem to have tired of the episodes that he has and when I aquired some new episodes for him he was glued to the TV again. Still and quiet. A state he doesn’t know much about, even when he sleeps. He participates in the actions, specifically when they sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. He especially loves the part where they shout ‘Hooray!’ and have to jump in the air. He loves jumping and is getting really good at it too! He has started doing something extremely cute lately. Whenever they get to the ‘I love you, you love me’ part of the episode, he’ll sway and when they say ‘with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you’ he will come and hug and kiss whoever is near. He even did it with Leebeesa when she came to babysit recently. She sang the song to him while she was putting him to bed and he hugged and kissed his ducky. I tried it last night and he jumped up and gave me a hug and kiss instead *melt*.


The sleeping isn’t going very well. I know I said I wouldn’t blog about it, but while it’s going badly there doesn’t seem to be any harm in doing it. *touch wood* Rudi messed up the sleep training again, so now we get a few nights here and there that he will sleep through. Last night he woke up crying a few times, the last time he woke up he was screaming and throwing a tantrum. He wouldn’t take his dummy and eventually a bottle he doesn’t need calmed him down and he went back to sleep. I think I understand why Rudi doesn’t have a problem with him sleeping in our bed. He mostly kicks ME and ends up rolling me off the bed to make space for him. I noticed him and Rudi having a lovely spoon (baby was the BIG spoon!) this morning. Yes, I’m a little jealous. I got kicked a lot. That is all. We have tried leaving his door open, but he seems too lazy to even come to our room. We *still* have to go fetch him when we realize the tantrum/screaming isn’t going to stop. Getting his way much?


We’re doing well with restricting the dummy for now. Rudi wanted to give in and give him his dummy so many times this weekend, but I stood firm. Once you’ve distracted him with something else he soon forgets about his pleas for the dummy and carries on regardless. I asked him for his dummy the other day after he had woken up in the morning and he handed it to me without a fuss. I hope that means we’re getting somewhere.


Afternoon naps on a weekend are still a train smash. We can still only get him to go to sleep by taking him for a drive in the car. Even when driving him around he resists for the longest he possibly can, no matter how exhausted he is. I’m not sure if we can “sleep train” him into napping . Any advice?


Well, he is doing fantastically well. We love him more every day and are so blessed to have him in our lives.


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