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Rudi and I wanted to see Avatar in 3D over the weekend and on a whim decided to book tickets on Saturday. Do you think we could find two seats together in any one show? Practically fully booked the entire weekend! Avatar has been playing for a while now. That is quite impressive! So we decided to book for the 17:15 show yesterday. Angel has often mentioned Ster-Kinekor’s love nest seats, but I couldn’t find any open love nest seats on the aisle. I have to sit on the aisle, especially since it is a 3 hour movie and you know I am going to have to pee.

I booked two seats and as I was about to make the payment my Internet Explorer blocked the pop-up. I was irritated beyond belief. When going back in after allowing pop-ups for the site I had to book the row in front of the row I had chosen since the two I had just selected were still temporarily reserved for my purchase.

I forgot that you have to climb stairs to get anywhere in the movies at Tygervalley. Even the loo is down a flight of stairs. Forking lovely. When we got into the cinema I checked the seat layout at the back and determined our seats were on the left of the aisle. We settled in. The seats at Tygervalley are definitely more comfortable than those at Cape Gate! A little while before the movie started some guys showed up and said we were in their seats. Looking back at the seat numbers we were, in fact, in the wrong seats! Our seat was on the right hand side of the aisle! Best part? Our seat was a love nest seat! So by many frustrating (and embarrassing) co-incidences, we managed to get a love nest seat on the aisle. I am pretty sure that the seat was not a love nest seat when I made the booking…and it seems the seat layout at the back must have been upside down. So we win because of Ster-Kinekor’s fail. Nice. I was super chuffed! It really is like sitting on a small couch while watching the movie. I will definitely opt for the love nest seats again! I might even rather go to Tygervalley to watch a movie in general since their seats are so much more comfortable.

Anyway…the 3D effects in the movie were by far the best I have seen so far. I have gone to see Coraline and Ice Age 3 in 3D already and was actually not that impressed. Avatar, however, was really awesome. The 3D effect was carried through the entire movie and even though there wasn’t always something coming towards your face, I really enjoyed the feel of the effects (which is more than I can say for the other two). The story line was also very cool. In general it was a very good movie. Even Rudi gave it 8 out of 10 🙂

The only crap thing about the movie was, well, me. About halfway through the movie I started feeling nauseous and getting hot flushes. I also started getting some cramping feelings in my lower belly. They hurt! I almost thought that Babyice was on his way! I got up to go to the loo and ended up missing around 10 minutes of the movie. I’ve been pregnant every time I’ve been to see a 3D movie and this has never happened to me. I must assume that the superior 3D quality of this particular movie must have caused me to feel this way. I’ve heard of people getting nauseous, etc. I always thought they were a bunch of sissies. Who doesn’t have the stomach to handle some 3D? Life is in 3D, after all. Apparently I don’t. Wah.

I would recommend for anyone to go and see this movie. It really is beautiful and a stunning story. I also could not imagine having seen it in 2D. The 3D rocks the party that rocks the party (and my stomach). Totally worth the price you pay for it!